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Can a credit card company sue you in court?

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Yes, contrary to what some believe a consumer can be sued for unsecured debt (credit cards, promissory notes, pay day loans,etc.)

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Can you sue a credit card company for false charges?

A credit card company can be sued if the company puts the charge on your bill. It is a civil matter and would be taken to small claims court.

What can happen if i don't pay my credit card bills?

If you don't pay your credit card bill, the company may put the nonpayment on your credit report. Also, the credit company may sue you in court.

Can a credit card company garnish your wages in California?

A credit card company can garnish you wages if they successfully sue for the owed funds in court. They cannot garnish wages before going through the court system.

Can the credit card company sue you even though you are not a citizen of the country where you get the card?

Yes. Why should your citizenship matter? If you did something that harmed the credit card company, they can sue you.

Can a credit card company sue you in the state of Texas?


How can a credit card company sue you when you were not working when you received the card and are not working now and have no cosigner?

In court, "Sue" just means "ask". The credit card company is just asking the court to require you to pay the debt. Yes, they can ask the court to require you to pay. The way THEY view it: You took on an obligation to pay for credit card purchases. You promised to pay for future purchases and be responsible with your finances when you signed the credit card agreement. Then, every time you used the card, you signed an agreement stating that you would pay for the purchases. Now you're claiming that it wasn't your fault, that the credit card company is responsible because they gave you a card when you weren't employed... It was YOUR responsibility to only purchase what you could pay for. The credit card company didn't have a method of determining your ability to pay for your debts.

Can you sue a company for taking your credit card without verifying your identity?


How long does a credit card company have to sue you for unpaid credit card debt?

as long as it remains a part of your credit report, 7 years.

Can a credit card company freeze your bank account?

A credit card company cannot freeze your bank account. However, it can sue you in court for any overdue balance. If the credit card company is successful, the court will issue a judgment lien that the creditor can use to freeze your bank account and seize any money you have on deposit. In fact, the judgment lien can be used to seize any assets you own to satisfy the lien.

Can a credit card co put a lien on your property?

Not unless they sue you and and win a judgment in court.

Do you have to pay your company credit card debt if it is out of business?

It depends on the credit card application and the structure of the company. Most credit cards issued to a small business are guaranteed by the owner. In that case, you must pay. If the card was issued soley to the company, the credit card company could sue your corporation to recover any assets available. If the company was a sole proprietorship or a partnership, you are liable.

Can a credit card company take your car in Kansas?

A credit card company can sue you and receive a judgment in court demanding you repay your debt, but they can't take your car (or any other property) or put you in jail. Check out the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act for your rights as a consumer.

What do you do if a credit card company claims you have a balance due from a few years ago but you never had their card?

sue dem if dey can prove that u had their card den dont sue dem

Can you sue your credit card company for allowing you to make illegal purchases?

Nice try - but no, you can't.

Can a credit card company sue you if you are in a debt settlement program?

Yes, they can. I do know of a law firm that helps delay trials and settle out of court, let me know if you want to know about them.

Can you sue your absent husband for not paying a credit card he borrowed money on from you?

Can you sue your absent husband for not paying a credit card he borrowed money on, the credit card is in my name only?

What will happen if you have credit card debt of 90000 from one credit card company and there is a possibility the company may sue you?

I doubt seriously anybody on earth has a $90k limit on their CC's - even if the debt is 50 cents, they can sue you for the balance. You borrowed the money and promised to pay it back ... you don't pay, they sue. Simple as that.

Can a credit card company sue you when you are unemployed?

Yes, they can. For a credit card company to actually SUE someone is pretty serious. If you're talking about collecting on a debt owed, they can certainly get a judgement against you. If they win a judgement against you, they can collect the debt when you become employed or even have your salary garnished. At least in the U.S., anybody can sue anyone for just about anything. Whether or not that law suit is justified, or won't be immediately kicked out of court, is the question.

Do credit card companies have the right to sue?

Well, the answer is yes, in general. Any company or any person can sue any other company or person for any reason. If what you mean is can a credit card company sue a person for unpaid debt, yes, they can, and they will probably win unless you file bankruptcy or seek some other type of payment agreement.

Can a credit card company sue for paying less than the minimum?

Yes, a card company can sue you for paying less than the minimum amount because you are violating the terms of the agreement. They will not sue you unless you are very far behind or owe a lot of money.

Credit card company does not have your social Can they still collect?

If they have your address & phone number they will try to collect. They can sue you.

Can a credit card company sue you after 9 years?

All depends on what your states SOL are on written contracts

How long before credit card company sues for nonpayment?

Generally, it will sue (or sell the debt to someone who will sue) within the statute of limitations for suing on a credit card debt in your state. This is often 5 years, but it can be less or more.

Will a credit card company win a judgment against you if they sue even though you do not have a job?

I would think so. If they get anything or not is up to the court. Some assets will be exempt, but I'm not sure what.

Can a company legally assess a chargeback fee against a consumer?

If you're talking about a credit card charge you disputed with the credit card company and the credit card company determined the dispute in your favor generally no. The other question you have to ask yourself however is if you received a good or service in exchange for what you charged to your card? Just because the credit card company determined the dispute in your favor and charged back the company, they don't lose the right to sue you or send you to a collection agency for a good or service you received. If the company sues you in court, they may be awarded the chargeback fee in addition to the amount owed in order to cover all damages that you caused them.

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