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No, it is a violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

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Q: Can a creditor send information to your employer regarding a debt you owe?
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Do debt collectors have the right to request employer information?

Yes, but the individual is not legally obligated to answer such queries. It is assumed that the agency attempting to collect a debt has obtained the needed information from the original creditor.

What is the statute of limitations regarding a lawsuit for creditor debt in Michigan?

Six (6) years from the DLA on the account.

What is the statute of limitations regarding a lawsuit for creditor debt in Maryland?

The statue of limitation for Maryland is three years.

Where can one find information regarding bad consolidation credit debt and mortgages?

You can find information regarding bad consolidation credit debt and mortgages at the DebtHelp website. Once on the page, you will have access to expert guides, debt calculators and more.

Can the repo man speak to your employer about repossesing your car?

Debt collectors will use any means for information to collect their debt.

What is does it mean for an original creditor to recall their collection?

Recall of a debt by a creditor is when the original creditor asks for the debt to be returned to them after they have sold it, often to a collection agency. This may occur if the debt has not been collected for a certain amount of time, and the debt will be sold to another agency to collect, or if the debtor offers the original creditor a settlement.

What to do if a creditor still says that you owe them after a cancellation of debt?

Ask the creditor to send you written verification of the debt including all of their documents after incurring the debt. If the cancellation of the debt is not indicated in their documents, then dispute the debt by providing your written notification of cancellation of the debt to the creditor and if unsuccessful, then dispute the debt with the credit bureaus who will initiate an investigation with the creditor and the credit bureau will usually repond to you in 30 days. If no response from the creditor then it will usually be deleted from your credit report. If the collection harassment continues then ignore it realizing that probably no legal action will be taken against you or you can contact an attorney to contact the creditor. Either pay the debt or file bankruptcy.

Is a hospital bill a creditor debt?


What is OSI collection services inc?

OSI Collection Service is a "Third Party" Collection agency. Collection agencies buy your information from the original creditor in order to collect on a debt. What this means is that they make money if you pay anything on this debt, not only from the original creditor, but a commission on the payment that you make on that debt.

How do you you get collections off your report that are not yours?

Contact the credit bureau where the false information has been filed ie: Experian, TransUnion, ect. If you dispute the debt with them and the creditor can not prove its your debt they have to remove the debt from your report.

How does wage garnishment work?

Simple version: The creditor sues the debtor and is awarded a judgment. The creditor executes the judgment as a wage garnishment. The garnishment papers are served on the garnishee's employer. The employer withholds the amount stated in the garnishment order from the named employee's wages until the debt is satisfied or the garnishment order is no longer valid.

Can a creditor call you at work about a family member?

No. It is a direct violation of the fair debt collection law for the creditor to contact the place of business of a non-debtor in regards to debt owed by a relative. A creditor can only discuss the debt with the debtor, although he can contact family members once to obtain information such as the debtor's current address. Please be advised, if the family member is a cosigner in relation to the debt, he or she is a co-debtor and the creditor can contact the co-debtor at his or her place of employment until they are informed by the employee that they cannot.

What if a creditor is not on your credit report but trying to collect a debt?

You must pay all of your legitimate debts. A creditor is not required to report a debt to a credit bureau in order to collect the debt you owe.

Can you be sued by the original creditor if the debt is now owned by a debt buyer?

No they can not sue you.

Can Michigan pensions be garnished by a debt collector?

Not if it is creditor debt, such as credit cards.

What does it mean when a creditor forgives a debt?


If a debt is not reaffirmed by a creditor is the debt discharged in a bankruptcy?

The creditor is the lender. The bankrupt is the debtor. The lender never has to re-affirm he wants to get paid back.

How long after a charge off can a creditor sue?

Charging off the debt has not impact on the creditor's ability to sue. Charging off is simply a write-off for tax purposes. A creditor can sue any time prior to the expiration of the statute of limitation regarding of whether or not the debt has been charged off. The applicable time deadline will vary from state to state and depending on the type of debt.

What are people called have a debt owed to them?

A creditor is someone who has a debt owed to them. The one who owes the debt is the debtor.

How do I respond to a false collection claim?

You can send a letter to requesting the collector to verfied the debt and the term is called foced verification. They must send your direct information regarding the debt in question with your signature. There is a lot of information regarding debt collection that you must understand in order to beat the system at it own game.

Can credit card companies garnish wages for unsecured debt in NE?

There is no such thing as unsecured debt. There is debt that is not secured by collateral. There is debt that is secured by your signature on a contract. And, yes, if the creditor has obtained a judgment against you for credit card debt, they may serve your employer with an order of garnishee and secure up to 25% of your paycheck per pay period.

Is it legal for a repo company to call your job and tell your employer your business?

Under the Fair Debt Collection Act the only information that a creditor is allowed to give anybody else is their name, and telephone number. If a repo company, which is a collection agency, gave any other information then you should consult an attorney and sue them.

Can you pay an original creditor after the debt is sold to a collector?

No, the collection agency is now the rightful owner of the debt in question and the original creditor has removed the account from their books.

What is the definition of deed to secure debt?

This sounds like another way of saying mortgage--the conveyance of property by a debtor to a creditor which, if the debt is not paid, can be kept by the creditor.

Where can one find information on credit card debt negotiating?

The best bet would be to call your local bank branch. They will have tons of information regarding credit card debt, and how they can help you get out of it.