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No, you can't die from either the daddy long leg spider or the daddy long leg itself

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No i can kill it

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Q: Can a daddy long legs spider venom kill you?
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Is a House spider the same as a Daddy Long Legs spider?

no the daddy long legs does not produce venom but only kills the other deadly bugs and insects in ur household

How many eyes does a daddy long legs have?

Either six or eight. There are at least three different little beasts called Daddy longlegs. - Cranefly (Insect, 6 legs) - Harvestman ('Harvestman', 8 legs) - Cellar Spider (Spider, 8 legs)

Do daddy long legs carry poiseness venom?

Some people say that they can't bite you because they have long legs, and if they did bite you, you would die. But I have seen someone get bitten by Daddy Longlegs and survive to tell the tale. The answer is it can kill something it's own size, but if you mean humans... than no.

Is the daddy long legs spider harmful?

actually they are the most poisonous spider in the world but their fangs are too small to bite a human being so the answer is a no. Daddy long legs are not poisonous. they're teeth aren't hollow, and they have no venom.

What is the formula for daddy long legs venom?

There is no venom in daddy long legs so you wont need an anti-venom and the fangs don't even pierce the human skin.

What two animals are closely related to a spider?

Scorpion and Daddy long-legs. The Daddy long-legs isn't actually a spider.

What kind of spider has really long legs?

The spider with the longest legs is a kind of Huntsman spider that lives in S.E. Asia. Its legs can span a dinner plate. It has a 12 inch leg span, so its longest legs must be about 6 inches long.

Is a daddy long leg a betel?

no. a daddy long legs is a spider

What spider produces venom?

Black Widow is one of them. Daddy Long Legs are the most poisionis in the world but there teeth arnt big enough.. Your mom is a sppider

Can a red back spider kill a daddy long leg?

Very rarely. One of the Redback spider's (Latrodectus hasselti) predators seems to be the Cellar spider (Pholcus phalangioides), also known as Daddy Long-legs.

Is daddy long legs the name for a young crane fly?

Daddy long legs is the name given to an insect that I believe is in the spider family. It is characterized by its very long thin legs. It is a harmless insect without venom but useful in killing off other pesky bugs.

Are grand daddy long legs in the spider family?

its not a spider but it is an arachnid