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Scorpion and Daddy long-legs. The Daddy long-legs isn't actually a spider.

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Q: What two animals are closely related to a spider?
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When two animals that are closely related have an offspring it is referred to as .?


Which two groups are closely related evolutionarily plants and animals plants and fungi fungi and animals?

fungi & animals

Is a moorhen a duck?

No they are two different species of animals.

Name two animals that are closely related to the penguin?

Petrels, loons, storks, grebes, flamingos, ducks, albatrosses, pelicans and herons.

What two present-animals decend from reptiles?

If you mean are most closely related to dinosaurs sharks and crocodiles closest alive today.

What groups of organisms are more closely related group one earthworm spider jellyfish group two frog trout centipede?

group two consist of similar creatures as they all have bilateral symmetry.

What two senses are closely related?

The senses of taste and smell are closely related.

What two animals can trap insects?

the frog and the spider

Which two animals are more closely related through evolution the blue whale and the ferret or the blue whale and the domestic cat?

the blue whale and the the domestic

What two animals are more closely related The tiger cat numbat or Eastern Barred Bandicoot?

The cat and tiger are most closely related, and are both of the family Felidae. Even though the numbat and eastern barred bandicoot are both marsupials, that is where the similarities end.

Are meerkats related to ferrets?

No, they are not. As you move down the species classification system, the last category the two animals share in common is that they are both carnivores. Meerkats are in fact more closely related to mongooses.

Can you breed ball pythons that are related?

It''s not wise to do so ! Breeding any animals that are closely related is likely to result in birth defects. Anything from being born blind, to born with two heads !