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Yes, you can. Actually, in some cases this may not be possible. Sometimes the damage may be so great that nothing can be done at all. You may want to see a counsiler.

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Does hogwarts get destroyed?

Damaged, in the final battle, then rebuilt.

What is a salvaged title mean?

Car has been damaged and rebuilt.

What was damaged during the war of 1812 but rebuilt in 1818?

Pyrimads of Giza

Damaged cells of an organism are usually rebuilt or renewed or repaired or replaced by mitosis?


Damaged cells of an organism are usually rebuilt repaired replaced or renewed by mitosis?


When was the London city rebuilt?

Mostly after World War 2 when it was badly damaged by bombing.

A relationship can be damaged by?

not meeting expectations.

What relationship can you be damaged by?

an obsessive one. watch out for them!!

What does rebuilt title mean?

The vehicle has been wrecked and then repaired (rebuilt) by a liscensed rebuilder. Sometimes the car wasn't smashed - it was a flood car. Regardless, it was damaged and then restored to operating condition.

What was the crucial issue in Adam and Eve's relationship with God?

Obedience was crucial to their relationship. The relationship was damaged when they disobeyed.

Is an original transmission case old part?

If I understand the question right, if you have a transmission rebuilt the old case will be reused unless it is damaged.

Why was nagasaki rebuilt?

The bomb didn't kill everyone in Nagasaki, nor did it destroy the entire city. People still lived there. The destroyed part of the city was rebuilt, the damaged part was repaired, and people continued to live their daily lives.

What is a parastic relationship?

A parasitic relationship is a type of symbiosis in which one organisms benefits while the other is harmed or damaged.

Did Hogwarts survive?

Hogwarts was severely damaged during the final battle but was rebuilt and still open for Harry Potter's children to attend in 2017.

Who destroyed Hogwarts?

It wasn't completely destroyed. Parts of it were damaged by death eaters and order members during the final battle but it was rebuilt later.

Why did Justinian need to rebuild Constantinople and what did he build?

Justinian did not rebuild Constantinople. He rebuilt the Hagia Sophia church, which had been damaged during riots.

Is it better to get new or rebuilt engine cylinder heads?

If the only thing wrong with the engine is the cylinder heads, yes you should replace just them, Getting a rebuilt motor is expensive and not needed unless the motor has been damaged beyond repair.

The XYZ affair damaged the relationship between the US and which other country?


In human relatons a relationship can be damaged by?

Relationships tend to be damaged by lies, betrayal, selfishness, insanity, crime, drug addiction, and other forms of unpleasantness.

What are the risks of flooding?

The risks of flooding are houses may go under the water and lots of buildings will be damaged and will need to pay hundreds of pounds to be rebuilt again.

Was wtc 7 damaged by the twin towers?

Every world trade center building was destroyed that day. So far only one has been rebuilt

Is it expensive to have the turbo rebuilt in a 6.0 diesel?

I've seen 6.0 VGT turbo rebuilding service for around $300-330. Not including damaged parts.

Who rebuilt the Jerusalem emple after the Romans destroyed it?

No one rebuilt the Jewish temple.No one rebuilt the Jewish temple.No one rebuilt the Jewish temple.No one rebuilt the Jewish temple.No one rebuilt the Jewish temple.No one rebuilt the Jewish temple.No one rebuilt the Jewish temple.No one rebuilt the Jewish temple.No one rebuilt the Jewish temple.

A realtionship can be damaged by?

A relationship can be damaged by cheating or in other ways being with another person.Example, say I'm going out with a boy named Colin and he was with another girl, that would be considered cheating.Another way to damage a relationship would be breaking their heart.

What is a restored salvage title?

it just means that said vehicle has been damaged and an insurance company has considered it to be damaged beyond its value. if it is a "rebuilt" salvage title then it can be used as any other vehicle on the road, it just may effect the cost of insurance.

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