Can a debtor return goods

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a debtor may return goods if the contract which established the obligor (debtor) and obligee (lender) provides that the return of goods satisfies and therefore executes the contract in lieu of providing the method of exchange formerly discussed as acceptable

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Q: Can a debtor return goods
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What is the definition of a sundry debtor?

Sundry debtors means the debtor to whom goods are sold on credit for various reason not merely goods sell on credit.

What is the Classification of sundry debtor in balance sheet?

Sundry debtor is someone who has debt to be paid to goods sold. Goods sold could also be services rendered.

What is return inward?

a customer may return goods to the business. these goods are known as sales return or return inward.

What is the difference between a sundry debtor and a sundry creditor account?

sundry debtor is whom they baught goods on credit basis

What is mean by sundry debtor and sundry creditor?

Sundry Debtor is a person who bought goods or received service from us (Customer) Sundry Creditor is a person whom we received the goods are service (Our Vendor)

Is debtor an asset?

Debtor is created when business sell goods on credit so it is current assets of business and that's why shown in balance sheet.

What sentence do these jumbled letters form doogretunrs?

Good returns or Return goods or Goods return

What is return outward?

some times goods which have been purchased have to be returned to the supplier. they may be faulty, damaged or not what was ordered. these goods are known as purchase return or return outwards.

In tally who is a debtor?

A Debtor is a Custor in Tally , to whom we sell goods on credit and amount due at the time of sell. We open a ledger of the customer under sundry debtors.

What is the definition of sundry debtors and sundry creditors?

The person to whom you have sold goods.(Consumer is the debtor.)

When does a debtors account have a credit balance?

goods in transit a debtor(customer) could also be a supplier(creditor)

Can you return goods if they dont work?

i am thinking no

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