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Can a dog get a person pregnant?

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No hope for this generation.

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Can a person get a dog pregnant?


Can a person get pregnant from mating with a dog?

No, dog and human are different species.

What do you call pregnant dog?

A Pregnant dog.

Does your dog get pregnant if you finger it?

No. This is an illegal act. It takes dog semen to get a female dog pregnant. A human molesting their dog cannot get it pregnant.

Is a dog pregnant if it has milk in her nipples?

No my dog had milk in her nipple but she was not pregnant it was a fake pregnant

What is a pregnant dog called?

A pregnant dog is called a bitch.

Is it bad to hold your dog a lot while pregnant?

Holding the dog is fine. Picking up a large dog up by yourself when pregnant is not.Who is pregnant, you or the dog????

How can you tell the mom dog is pregnant?

How can you tell is you female dog is pregnant

Can you get pregnant from the sperm of your dog?

No, it is absolutely impossible for a human to get pregnant from a dog.

Can a pregnant dog fly?

no a dog can't fly even if it is pregnant or not

Could a male dog get pregnant?

No, if you have a pregnant male dog it is a female.

Can a dog get a 11 year old pregnant?

11 year old dog yes. But not an 11 year old person.

Can a dog get spayed while pregnant?

no a dog cant get spayed while pregnant

What brand dog food to feed a pregnant dog?

iams for pregnant female

Can a dog be in heat during pregnancy?

No. If your dog is pregnant then she should not come into heat and if your dog is in heat, then she's not pregnant.

How can you tell if you're dog pregnant?

Your dog will start to put on weight, a dog has puppies 63 days after they are pregnant.

Can a person get pregnant from a dog?

Absolutely not. Human beings cannot interbreed with dogs. The species are too dissimilar.

Until what age can a dog get pregnant?

A dog can get pregnant until about 9 years of age.

can a female dog in heat arouse a male dog while pregnant?

A female dog does not go into heat while pregnant.

A dog entered your garden and got your dog pregnant is that legal?

depends if you knew the owner cause if it wasn't legal then you would probably not be able to sue that person

Can dogs get hogs pregnant?

No. Animals can only get animals of their own species pregnant. A dog can only get a dog pregnant, a cat can only get a cat pregnant, etc.

if you kiss a person will they be pregnant?

if you have sec with a kid will they get pregnant

Can a dog get pregnant when not on heat?

A dog must be in heat to get pregnant. Heat is basically her ovulation cycle.

How many times to get the dog pregnant?

it can take only one time for the dog to become pregnant.