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No, it's not wise to bathe a pregnant dog in flea dip

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Q: Can you give a Flea bath to a pregnant dog?
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How do fleas kill a dog?

Why not try flea powder or give your dog a bath using flea shampoo to get rid of your dog's fleas?

What is a flea bath?

A flea bath is a bath that gets rid of any fleas that are on the dog.

Can you give your nursing dog a flea bath?

no it just killed four of my puppies highly recommended not to do it

What is a cure for dogs fleas?

you usually take the dog to the vet, and they will give you a short for the dog i think, than they will give the dog a flea bath. hope this helps!

What if fleas are on your dog?

Buy flea soap from the store and give your dog a bath - and get a flea collar. As well, you may want to get something for carpet/furniture to spray so no fleas come back.

After you apply Advantage on dog when do you give them a bath?

There are dog shampoos that state they are compatible with flea treatments on the bottle. The earth friendly ones are.

How do you get rid of fleas on the sims 3 pets?

To get rid of the fleas on your dog you have to give it a bath. Make sure when you give your puppy a bath you use the right shampoo. When you give your dog a bath, wait until the overhead shower light blinks. Click on it to take the soap off your puppy. Then when you're done, there will be no more fleas on your puppy!

Can you give your dog a bath straight after vaccinations?

you realy shouldn't give your dog a bath after it got its vaccinations. today we went to the vet and my dog got his shots,and when we got home he was lazy,and just wanted to relax. and it may upset the dog. so you should wait about an hour,or more. and watch to see if it has any reactions to the vaccinations,because giving a bath will just upset it more,and you'll make another trip back to the vet if it has a reaction. so just wait. and make sure the water is warm,not hot,not cold. or ask a vet. !

Can a pregnant dog wear a flea collar?

No, unless the dog chews on it or swallow pieces of it.

What to do for fleas on a dog that just gave birth?

I would use a flea soap made for dogs. Give her a bath using the soap and clean her bedding.

Is it okay to give a dog flea medication if you just bathed them with flea shampoo?

If you put it on him prior to the bath, not likely. Read the label. Some are water proof, some are not. Give your dog a bath, wait until he's dry and then apply the flea treatment. I have been told to wait till the next day to put it on after a bath... Apparently, this is because the flea meds are released through the dogs oil glands, and you wash the oil away when you bathe your dog. I have also noticed that, even though it is water proof, it's not always soap proof... some of them seem to be less effective if you give your dog a bath, say, halfway or so through the month. Someone once suggested "non-detergent" soap, but I have yet to find such a thing... I usually just give him a hose down if he's that dirty, or spot wash him, avoiding the application sites as much as possible.

Can you give your dog a bath before she give birth?

Can I give my dog a bath befor she hav her babes