Can a dog think that he is a cat?

Dogs are intelligent enough to know that they are not cats. They have their own sense just as cats do. That's why dogs chase cats because they know they are superior. Also if one of the dogs worst enemy is a cat it intently does not think its a cat. And it is actually that if a cat bumps into a tree it would think it was a dog but in a hour or so it would think back like a cat again so you would be okay.

Another Opinion

Hi, my opinion is if a dog is raised by a cat it might think it is one. I have a story that sort of relates to it.

"There once was an eagle egg that fell from the sky, a chicken sat on it and raised it like a chicken so it thought it was a chicken. One day it sees an enormous and glorious bird soaring in the sky(eagle), much like itself. It asked its mum "Mumma, can I fly like that bird?" Its mother said " No you are a chicken, always have been and always will be." So the eagle lived and died a chicken."

Moral: Chicken crushed the eagles hopes and dreams and that if you are raised to think you are something then you believe it.