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Yes, it can but the eggs,if some will need a home so that they can get used to.

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Q: Can a duck have 2 separate nests?
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How do you get to Peak Isle on HorseIsle 2?

There is an entrance on Ridge Isle, where all the duck nests are.

Which small duck nests in holes left by woodpeckers?


What is a downey duck?

The correct spelling is downy duck. A downy duck is an eider. Eiders are large sea ducks that have soft down used for nests by the females.

Can a duck set on one nest while laying on another?

If do you mean "Can a mother duck have two nests going at the same time?" the answer is no.

Where duck make their own nest?

It depends on the type of duck. Many ducks make their nests in the grasses near a lake or pond. But Wood Ducks only nest in hollow trees high above the ground (or in man-made "wood duck nests" mounted on tree trunks, which they seem to like).

Is it possible to cross a chicken and a duck?

No, they are separate species and cannot interbreed.

If there are 2 ducks in front of a duck 2 ducks behind a duck and 1 duck in the middle how many ducks are there?


What are ducks nests made of?

Duck nest are made of what ever the duck want to put in her nest. in the outdoors this would mainly be small sticks, leaves, stone and her feathers. They line their nest with feather they have plucked from their own body.

Can a duck separate the mixture of milk and water?

yes they can by.............................................................Sorry I don't know it

What are the release dates for Darkwing Duck - 1991 Darkly Dawns the Duck Part 2 1-2?

Darkwing Duck - 1991 Darkly Dawns the Duck Part 2 1-2 was released on: USA: 6 September 1991

What is the smallest number of ducks that could swim in this formation 2 ducks in front of a duck 2 ducks behind a duck and a duck between 2 ducks?

the answer is 3

Who is older Donald Duck or Daffy Duck?

Donald Duck is older, but only by 2 years.

How do you duck in zoo tycoon 2?

You can't duck, sorry.

How big does a Martin birdhouse have to be?

A martin house can range in size from a small hollow gourd, to a large complex for a dozen birds. The space inside should be at least 6 inches wide for each bird, and have a 2 inch diameter opening. (note that in multi-pair nests the nests are in separate compartments.)

What bird lays a large blue egg like a duck egg and nests in tall trees in Kerry Ireland?

Sounds like a heron - not exactly a songbird

When do squirrels build nests?

Squirrels will probably start to build their nests or their drey about 1-2 weeks before their offspring are born

Do duck give live birth?

No, they lay eggs iike all other birds. Ducks build nests usually along side a lake or pond so animals can't get to them. Duck eggs are a favorite of cats, skunks, racoons and coyotes.

How do you separate your eyebrows without pain?

pour duck sauce on the affected area and rub thoroughly

Is there any chance that howard the duck 2 return to duck world coming out?


How many limbs does a duck have?

Your average duck has 4 limbs: 2 legs and 2 wings, all edible.

What is an example of sentence using the word nests?

There exists various nests on that tree. This is a sentence containing the word nests.

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The ISBN of Duck for President is 0-689-86377-2.

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Catweazle - 1970 Duck Halt 2-2 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:G

Are a platypus and a duck the same?

No. They are completely separate species, and not related at all. Platypuses are mammals and ducks are birds.

What do bald eagles use for shelter?

they shelter in nests they shelter in nests they shelter in nests