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If do you mean "Can a mother duck have two nests going at the same time?" the answer is no.


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the mother duck will not come back to the nest, and she will leave the egg there. But if it is an abandon nest, nothing will happen. And if you find one laying around no where near a nest that means the mother just left it, or there is no baby duck in there.

Nothing. It will probably sit on it for a while if you leave it in the nest. After a while it should give up. It may keep laying eggs and have several in the nest.

they lay eggs in the nest

No, a mother duck will not move her eggs from the nest.

Cuckoos and cowbirds are famous for laying their eggs in other birds' nests, and leaving the chicks to be raised by the other birds.

The Black-bellied Whistling-Duck, among others.

leave them there...if you touch them the parents will leave them. If you have a pet that will hurt them try to keep it on a leash for the time really doesnt take that long for them to leave the nest.

You can find chicken and duck eggs by looking in their nest.

Well yes. Sometimes the roosters sit on the nest to encourage the hen to go broody. But roosters don't lay!

Ducks mostly find food in the pond which is either pond fish or bread sunk from tourists that fed them.But the duck would have to find food in their habitat as they cant leave the nest out of sight as either if they have eggs a blackbird or a crow will come and eat them. Or if another bird lands in it, the senses will be left in the nest and when the duck comes back the sense of the other bird that was there will be smelt by the other duck and fly off making another nest in a quieter place as they can find.

Yes the parent take turns on the nest.

if the duck has ducklings it is likely the ducklings will die. Depending on how badly the nest is destroyed and what stage the ducks were at building the nest it is quite likely the ducks will return. but if the nest has only been slightly disturbed there is a large chance the ducks will return.

The hen duck will get off her nest for short periods of time to eat and drink but most time is spent on the nest.

Duck nest are made of what ever the duck want to put in her nest. in the outdoors this would mainly be small sticks, leaves, stone and her feathers. They line their nest with feather they have plucked from their own body.

They make nest for brooding , including egg laying , sewing and care of young birds .

Usually in early spring. That is in the US. They will make another nest if the first one is distroyed or the eggs are eaten by predators.

Some ducks nest in trees.

that totally depends on what kind of bird it is. you can have a bird that makes a nest out of twigs while another makes its nest out of mud and feathers.

Male ducks(mallards) do not nest. If you find the female duck nesting, let her be.

Duck eggs can survive for hours without the mother. Sometimes, mother ducks will leave the nest to find food, then come back to lay another egg and incubate the nest. As long as she regularly warms the eggs, she doesn't have to stay with them all the time.

Most ducks will stay on the nest and incubate their eggs for 27 days. They will not start incubating until the last egg has been laid, usually laying one egg per day.

If you want your duck to lay eggs in the same spot you need to make her a nest. if u take a shoe box and cut out one side so she can walk in and put bedding and hay inside. you need to show her that she can sit in the box. She should start laying in the box.

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