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This Category is for anything related to LEGO Video Games. Helpful tips, game guides, and Lego Universe/Video Gaming help for LEGO can be found here.

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Where can you download Legoland The Video Game?

I'm afraid Legoland the Video Game does not exist.
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Who are the short people in Lego Indiana Jones?

Short round and the Egyptian dude.
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How do you get Darth maul on Lego Star Wars iii beta?

It's easy. You just need to have a Facebook account, sign in to facebook in-game, and share 5 achievements. Then you get Darth Maul. EASY! ...
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Is Lego Pirates of the Caribbean available on PS2?

NO! it cant becouse it is a new game for the xbox360 ps3 DSi DS lite 3DS and wii and the pc the last one is the psp so you are stupid if you think it is becouse u suck ...
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How do you get all 1 million studs in Lego city in Lego star wars the complete saga?

you just unlock score X10, X2, X6, and score X8, and then it gives you score X3480 total, and then just get two 1,000s studs. This answer is actually incorrect - On the "Complete Saga" - Multipliers are LOCKED and cannot be used on the Bonus Levels. Best advice is to do things in this order: *Use the force on ANYTHING YOU CAN! *SCOUT insode EVERY BUILDING *Race ANY VEHCLES you can and some will allow you to collect a trail of Blue...
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Where to find Sensei Wu on Lego universe?

Keep looking - you'll find him one day. Keep and eye out on the Lego message board for future events where he might come. ...
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Will there be a LEGO Doctor Who video game?

Since Lego Doctor Who doesn't exist there won't be a Lego Doctor Who video game. Sorry. ...
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Is there a LEGO power miners video game?

No, the only Lego games are, Lego Indiana Jones, Lego Star Wars, Lego racers, Lego Harry potter, Lego bionicle, and Lego batman. ...
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How do you defeat man bat on Lego batman in wii?

First you have to punch him, then he will start flying around and he will drop bombs, so you have to build the record player and play it, he will hate it and stop flying, so you can punch him again, then he will destroy the player and the sequence will start again. (This might not be in the correct order). ...
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Is Lego pirates of the Caribbean on the PS2?

No PS3 PC and Xbox 360 May 10 2011 release date and May 24 2011 for PC
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What happens In Lego Indiana Jones the original adventures when you complete it?

If you complete it 100% then money will rain from the ceiling forever.
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Is nightwing in Lego Batman for ps2?

Yes. You can buy him at the batcomputer or asylum computer. When bought, he appears in the Batcave, and he is able to use Robin suits (Technology, Magnet, Water etc.) ...
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How do you beat the knight in Lego Indiana Jones?

to beat the knight you have to find the right grail. hint: (the grail is REALLY skinny.) ...
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How do you join the Nexus Force in Lego Universe?

You have to get all four badges. To get the badges, go to the Nimbus Station, and talk to Nexus Jay. Then, at the plaza, go to each faction recruiter. Each recruiter will give you assignments. For the Venture League, find three treasure chests. The first one is on top of the bench. The second is at the race place. The last is at the Assembly Headquarters. For Assembly, go the Assembly HQ, then, find Mandolf the Orange. He will give...
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Why do video games exist?

because science has advence in an very big way
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Who are all the Lego Battles Characters?

Heroes: King, Queen, Dwarf King, Wizard, Sorceress, Troll King, Captain Brickbeard, Lady Pirate, King Kahuka, Governor Broadside, Camilla, Ninja Master, Biff, Gemma, Space Police Captain, Alien Commander, Alien Queen, Space Criminal Leader, Forestman, Ghost, Sheriff, Conquistador, Agent Chase, Classic Space, Santa Builders: King's Builder, Wizard's Bulider, Pirate's Builder, Broadside's Builder, Earth 's Bulider, Alien's Builder Close Combat: Guardsman, Dwarf, Skeleton, Troll, Oarsman, Swordsman, Trooper, Drone Ranged: Archer, Crossbowman, Gunman, Islander, Rifleman, Ninja, Commando, Space Police, Laser Trooper, Space Criminal Mounted: Knight, Skeleknight, Horseman, Cavalry, Gripley, Grav Runner Special...
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Lego Harry Potter years 1-4 how to get Voldemort?

If you have all the goldbricks you build a door in the building in Knockturn ally,go in the door,play the level and at the end you unlock Lord Voldemort. ...
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How do you download Legoland for free?

You don't, because Lydia Ram smells of poo and baby juice.
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How can you get lots of money in Lego Indiana Jones for xbox360?

do castle rescue on free play and be a thugee. then go to the the monkey. stand on the light and press b. go inside destroy everything with your bazooka guy. theres about $30,000 in there. ...