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Yes, if the father has more time with the child than the mother, she will owe him child support.

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Q: Can a father work and collect welfare on a child he has shared custody and mom pay child support?
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Can the father collect child support if a 17 year old in a shared custody no child support situation chooses to live with him?

Yes, as long as the legal custody schedule is changed, child support can also be adjusted.

If spouse takes child out of state against your wishes can she collect child support?

If the mother has the full custody then she can take the child, and she can get the child support. If she doesn't have the full custody, then she is not allowed to take the child without the father consent, but she still can get the child support.

Can a father get custody after 14 years just because I file for child support?

Filing for child support has no bearing on the issue of custody. Custody is decided on the basis of the welfare of the child. To get custody of a child, the father would have to demonstrate that he would do a better job as parent. I will add that even if you do need financial assistance, that does not in any way suggest that you are not a good mother. Those are separate issues.

Can illegal immigrant mother living in Arizona collect child support from US citizen father with joint custody?

Yes if she is entitled to child support after all of the calculations are done. Immigration status has no bearing on child support.

Can a Mexican mother claim child support from a father living in the US?

Any mother can go to court in the US to claim child support form the father for a child she is caring for. Babies are not born by spontaneous combustion. The father is as responsible for the child's welfare as is the mother. If the child is living with the father and custody given to the father, the mother is liable for child support, too.

Can a child custody case be opened in another county after a case been opened for child support in another county?

Properly no, but mothers frequently do this, also in multiple states. It also happens when they collect Welfare from different locations. It can be expensive for the father to hire attorneys to fight the multiple claims.

Does a father have to pay child support when he loses custody?


How does a mother collect child support if the father is on disability?

If he's on SSD, than you can get the separate child benefit check. If on SSI, than there's no obligation. You go to welfare.

Can a father win custody if he is behind in child support?

In Alabama custody and visitation have nothing to do with child support. Not sure about other states.

In Texas if the mother has custody of the children and goes to prison does the father still have to pay child support?

Yes, if the father is not given custody he will be obligated to keep paying support to whomever the court awards custody or guardianship of the children.

Break up who get custody of baby?

In most breakups it is the mother who gets custody, however, the legal basis for deciding who gets custody is the welfare of the child, so if the father can demonstrate that he is a better parent, he can get custody.

How can a father avoid paying child support if the grandmother gets custody?

My answer to that would be 'No'. The father is responsible for providing child-support regardless of who has custody of the child; at least until the age of 18.

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