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Q: Can a faulty thermostat on a 97 eclipse cause the car to run poorly after heating up spit and sputter?
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Ford focus heating is blowing cold air?

check your antifreeze and water...maybe water pump too.check for a thermostat that is not closing ,.in other words a faulty thermostat

What is wrong with your washing machine when the water does not heat up but all the cycles work?

Either the thermostat or the heating element is faulty !

Why don't the cooling fans turn off on your 2000 Mitsubishi eclipse?

The most common fault are that the fuse has blown or the thermostat is faulty.

Can a faulty muffler choke an engine causing it to sputter and stall?

A faulty muffler will not cause this but a clogged catalytic converter will.

Car over heating?

Could be several reasons, low on coolant (leak in the system), stuck thermostat, faulty cooling fan(s), bad head gasket, cracked head, faulty fan clutch, faulty water pump, missing fan shroud,

Why is your truck still over heating after the water pump and thermostat have been changed?

Cooling fan could be faulty or radiator could be clogged or have slight leaks in it .

Why is my hot springs hot tub not heating?

This could be down to a faulty part like a failed heater, circulation pump or thermostat, or even simply that there is not enough water in the Hot Tub.

Why is your car over heating and showing low coolant but coolant is full?

It could either be your thermostat or your waterpump. In either case you could have full coolant levels but with a faulty thermostat or water pump your car will still over heat. I would start with the thermostat because those are usually the cheapest and easiest to fix.

Your boiler shuts off before the temperature is reach on your thermostat?

Try changing your thermostat. It may be faulty.

Can a faulty thermostat effect your central AC unit?

can a faluty thermostat affect your central ac working?

WHY Truck keeps over heating?

Low coolant, restriction in coolant flow, faulty fan clutch and/or hub, bad thermostat... you gotta do some actual diagnosis in order to narrow it down.

Can a faulty BMW 2001 325ci Thermostat cause coolant leak?

A faulty thermostat in a 2001 BMW 325CI can cause a coolant leak. The coolant may be leaking out a crack in the thermostat or through a warped edge. In some cases the problem may be just a bad gasket and not actually a problem with the thermostat at all.

What should the resistance on a kwikthermT105 thermostat be to know if it is good or faulty?

Resistance power of 20 amps indicate whether it is good or faulty.

Why does Thermostat gauge go on and off What is wrong with it in my 1993 ford escort lx?

There could be several things wrong with the system that the thermostat gauge is connected to. You could check to see if the gauge is working correctly. If the gauge works fine, then it could be the housing that the thermostat is mounted to. It could also be a faulty bypass valve near the thermostat which prevents the engine from heating up. Check these places to see what may be wrong with your escort.

Why does the inside temperature on your thermostat keep going up and the air conditioner will not shut off?

Recharge the coolant or replace faulty thermostat.

Will a 2003 Monte Carlo ss overheat due to a faulty thermostat?

Sure will. Thermostat will stick shut not allowing coolant to flow

Would a fauly thermostat cause coolant loss?

Yes it can. A faulty thermostat can cause overheating which will cause coolant to be pushed out of the system.

Central heating will not heat up?

You need to troubleshoot the system, is the thermostat turned up, are the radiators turned on, is the boiler on and working, if all the obvious are in order then you may have a faulty water pump or blockage (solid or air) in the system.

What is the cause of hot engine temp in 99 Lincoln Continental?

Faulty thermostat.

Can the timing belt on your Camry be causing it to overheat?

No, but faulty water pump or thermostat can.

Why do i smell fumes constantly?

You live in a city or your house heating is faulty.

Heater on 2000 dodge not warm?

It could be the coolant level is low or a faulty thermostat.

What does code p1026c mean?

P0126 is and does point towards a faulty Thermostat (stuck open).

What causes a 2000 Nissan Quest to over heat?

Causes of over heating: insufficient coolant; antifreeze/water mixture not correct; thermostat stuck in closed position; faulty water pump; clogged/dirty radiator; leaks in the system.

Why my car is overheathing?

Ith low on coolant or has a sthuck closed thermostat.

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