Can a felon have power of attorney in AZ?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: Can a felon have power of attorney in AZ?
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Can a convicted felon in vermont be power of attorney in new york?

Yes, anyone can act as power of attorney.

Can a convicted felon have power of attorney in Texas?

Yes, as long as someone is willing to have you act in their presence (act as power of attorney).

Can a felon be appointed a health care power of attorney or a financial power of attorney in Wisconsin?

Yes, the person choosing their agent can choose anyone they would like to act in their best interest.

Can you get power of attorney if you are a felon?

Not likely. In many states it is necessary to go through the court to validate a POA and a convicted felon would not qualify; in other states it can be done with a simple affidavit that is signed by all parties and notarized. Even in states where only a notarized affidavit is required, it would likely be challenged once the court learned the grantee had a criminal conviction.

Can a convicted felon in NC be granted a power of attorney?

If the individual wishing to award them their POA wishes to do so, there is no legal barrier against it.

Can a convicted felon wvoting rights restored own a handgun in AZ?

Probably not. If the only thing restored was voting rights, that doesn't include the right to own a gun. You should probably check with your attorney.

Can a felon get gun rights back in AZ 16 year old attempted sale of drug charge completed all supervision years ago?

If it is a state charge, it is possible- start by contacting an Arizona attorney. For a Federal charge- no.

How can a convicted felon restore their rights to firearms in Arkansas?

check with an Attorney

Power of attorney or Powers of Attorney- Which one is the correct?

power of attorney.

Can a violent felon Owen a gun in Az?

You need to consult with a lawyer familiar with firearms law.

Can a felon become a teacher in AZ?

Yes, but it depends on the nature of the felony and how long ago it was committed.

Is AZ Gov Jan Brewer a serious drunk?

Yes! Her son is a convicted, institualized felon