Betta and Siamese Fighting Fish

Can a female betta fish live in a bowl?

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Yes, they can, and a person can live in an 8'x8' cell. It's about the same thing, except the fish didn't do anything to deserve such punishment.

Bettas, like most other fish, like to swim around. A single betta needs a 5-10 gallon tank with a heater and filter for optimum health. Plants and caves make it more interesting for him and a couple of rasboras might work, depending on his aggressive tendencies. They can't be kept with other bettas, but do appreciate tank mates if they have room. The red ones tend to be more aggressive. If he is aggressive, he will not do well with other fish unless he's in at least a 30 gallon tank. People tend to think they don't live long, but if they have enough room, clean water, and consistent temperature, they will be much less stressed and can live for a lot longer than expected.

They can live in 2 gallons, but you can live in a bathroom if someone feeds you. It would probably shorten your life and certainly make it less healthy.

Most fish can live for a few months maybe, at the most in too small a space. That is nothing compared to 5-7 years (how long bettas usually live). A 5 gal tank with some ghost shrimp, a heater, filter and real plants would give a betta the best life ever.

Unlike the males, which should not be kept with male or female bettas, the females can live peacefully together.

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Can a female betta live with a glo fish?

Yes as long as its a female betta they will be fine

What fish can live with female Betta fish?

Gouramis and other betta fish--just not two males

Can you put a male Betta fish in a tank with a female Betta fish?

Male Bettas can live with female Betta fish except when they have laid eggs. Male Betta fish should not be placed in the same aquarium as another male Betta.

Does a male Betta fish live longer than a female Betta fish or do they have about the same lifespan?

male and female have about the same lifespan

Are betta fish able to live with other fish?

Betta fish are unable to live with other fish due to their aggressive nature, as they may injure the other fish. Female betta fish are able to live with other fish, however.

Can female Betta fish live in the same bowl together?

probably not.they are fighting fish,they might fight each other.hope this helps! *tea98*

What fish can live with a male betta fish?

Another Female Berta fish

Can female Betta fish live with guppies?


Can female betta fish live together?


What fish can live with a betta in a one gallon bowl?

None. The 1 gallon bowl is already too small for the betta by itself.

Will a male betta fish kill a female?

yes betta fish have to live alone or one will kill the other.

Can a Betta fish live in a filtered tank?

get the Betta Bowl i think that's what it was called. it has a filter with it. my Betta is perfectly fine

Can tropical fish from a stroe live in regular waterand live in a fish bowl?

yes but only a betta fish and moutain minnows can live in a bowl :) oh and they cant live together

Can betta fish live with other betta fish?

Yes, but some fish will nip at the Betta's fins. Male bettas cannot live with other bettas (male or female).

Can female betta fish live with smaller fish?

yes but do not pick fish that are soooo small like minnows because your betta will EAT HIM UP!

Can male betta fish and female betta fish be housed together?

The male will either mate with the female or kill her if she is not ready to mate. Male Betta splendens will not live peacefully with any other fish of the same species. So the answer is no.

Can a tetras live with a betta?

yes I have a tetra living with a male and a female betta and 9 other fish :)

Can betta fish and goldfish live in the same bowl?

Betta fish and goldfish can not live together! Bettas are a tropical species of fish that require a heater and a bare minimum of a five gallon aquarium (with a filter!) while goldfish live in a completely different temperature range. The pair would not do well together because of the temperature differences and their need to live in something significantly bigger than a bowl. I understand that it is a common misunderstanding that they can live in bowls, but the fish will not have a good life! Please do the right thing and never keep these two types of fish together, no matter the temperament of the betta.

Do girl Betta fish need boy Betta fish to live?

No, they can live alone or with other female bettas. They might bite each other but won't kill.

What fish can live in a 1 gallon fishbowl?

The Betta fish or 'Siamese Fighting Fish' is best suited for life in a bowl.

How do you betta fish live?

Sorry, type in: how do betta fish live?

How much is a tank for a Betta fish worth?

$5.00 at petsmart i think but they can live in a bowl

Can betta fish live in a plastic fish bowl?

Yes, as long as the water is changed regularily (weekly, I recommend).

What fish can you put with a beta in the same bowl?

No other fish if you have a male dont put any other fish in it no even another betta fish! If you have a female you cant have different kind of fish with it but females can live together, my friend has to females who live together hope I helped:)

Can betta fish live with other betta fish for a long period of time?

Only female Bettas can be kept together. That too will only work if they are given reasonably roomy conditions and plenty of cover (plants) and hidey holes. Male betta fish can/ will fight to death if there is another male fish in the tank, a male will sometimes eat a female so your best bet is to have a single betta or a female and a female.