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Check with your state board of WC, but my sense is that unless you are a registered physical therapist and have been approved by the board it is unlikely at best.

2008-12-30 16:51:43
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Q: Can a fitness business get paid by workman comp insurance for servicing a person that was injured and has a claim?
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What is a public liability insurance and how is it used?

In a nutshell, public liability insurance is a special insurance a business or a commerce can buy to protect itself financially in case of a lawsuit brought against it by a patron injured at/on it's premises.

What kind of health insurance covers you if you are injured on the job?

medical insurance

What happens if a persin is injured in a vehicle and doesnt have insurance?

It's on your car insurance.

How important is insurance for small businesses?

Insurance is vital for any business, big or small. Insurance covers you in case of loss (fires, hurricanes, floods, and other disasters). It covers liability in case a customer were to slip and fall, or an employee were to get injured on the job.It can also help cover litigation. It would be very unwise to operate a business in this day and age without insurance.

Pet liability insurance?

Progressive Auto Insurance will cover your pet if it is injured in an accident with you.

Will homeowner's insurance cover a vehicle accident for the passenger injured?

NO, that's what the vehicle insurance is for.

What is the health and safety affect in the fitness environment?

The health and safety will ensure the quick administration of first aid to the individual who get injured in the fitness environment.

Is it illegal to not have insurance on your home and someone is injured in your home?

No it is not

What does IP stand for in auto insurance?

Injured Party.

How is it if lighting McQueen gets injured does he use car insurance or life insurance?

neither,he needs car life insurance.

If someone fell downstairs and was injured can they file a claim against their insurance?

Not against your own insurance.

What is veterinarian insurance?

Veterinarian insurance is pet insurance or pet health insurance. It pays veterinary bills when your dog or cat gets sick or injured.

What type of insurance would cover expenses for someone injured on your property?

Public Liability Insurance is the ideal insurance that will cover someone injured on your property.This type of policy covers the insured's liability to members of the public. Such liabilities may arise as a result of the insured's business operation. The business being operated by the insured in his/her premises may at times lead to death, injury or accident to third parties, or damage to third party's property. Insured means policy holder.A bit more:Your homeowner's insurance policy will also include liability insurance if you have the right type of policy. Check with your homeowner's insurance company to see if you have that type of coverage.

Does medical insurance cover if you are injured while stealing a vehicle?


Injured on the job and the company has no insurance and the injured party is illegal immigrant?

dno why not call Jojo on 01978 851 091

What is a health insurance plan for workers injured on the job?

Workers Compensation

When an individual has an automobile accident and someone is injured are they required to complete an accident injury claim with their insurance company?

When people have accidents in their automobile and someone is injured it is required to report it to the police and to their insurance company. This is because the injured person may need a doctors care and the person responsible for the accident is the one that will be required to pay through their insurance company.

Why do footballers need vitamins and minerals?

to keep up there fitness and make sure they dont get injured as much

If you were injured at work can you go to your own physicians?

Typically, after you are injured at work, an employer will send you to the doctor that is covered by their worker's compensation insurance.

What are the typical terms of a building insurance policy?

The typical terms of a building insurance policy would include such things as flood insurance, fire insurance and insurance covering anyone who may be injured at the building.

Do you legally need public liability insurance for a business in Scotland?

Yes-Hello, it all depends on what your business will do - as far as I am aware the only trade that is legally required to have public liability is a horse riding company. With every other trade it is just heavily recommended. Public Liability insurance protects you and your business against any damage that you cause to your clients property or persons. If you have any employees you are legally required to have employers liability insurance. It protects your business and your employees if they get injured whilst working for you - it pays medical costs and other associated costs.What kind of work is the business going to be doing?Kind RegardsTimSimply Business

What if you are already injured and have a car accident is the insurance still liable?

Depends on your condition

Can you choose to have pet insurance?

Pet insurance is health insurance for your dog or cat. It helps pay veterinary bills when your pet gets sick or injured. It's voluntary.

What is the function of disability insurance?

Disability Insurance pays when you get injured working. It's used to pay bills like the electric, and the mortgage.

What if someone is driving your car and they get into an accident and get hurt and they do not have car insurance is the owners insurance responsible for medical for the injured driver and damages?

You guessed it!