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Q: Can a flashlight be luminous and nonluminous?
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Is a flashlight luminous or illuminated?

A flashlight is a luminous object.

What is luminouse and non-luminouse?

i think luminous means when something gives off light and non-luminous means when something does not give off light.

how can a flashlight be both luminous and non-luminous at the some time?

A flashlight is luminous when it emits light (turned on). It's non-luminous when it's off or the battery dies.

What does nonluminous body mean?

Having a non-luminous body means that it is not a see-through body. Many insects have a non-luminous body. Non-luminous body also means an object that cannot reflect light.

How can a flashlight be luminous and non luminous at the same time?

cause...u know DONOH11111

Is a mirror non-luminous and why?

Yes, a mirror is nonluminous. It does not emit light by itself, it only reflects light emitted by other things.

How can a flashlight be non-luminous?

infra red maybe??? get a remote and your camera phone and you'll see what i mean or A flshlight can be non-luminous because the batteries from the flashlight gives the energy that makes light.

What is luminous flame and Explain why it takes a longer time to heat equal amount of water using a luminous flame?

yellow color in a luminous flame produces soot or carbon. carbon dioxide is present in the luminous flame but when its combined with oxygen the flame is nonluminous which is in a blue color. it takes a longer time because luminous flame is cooler than the nonluminous. I only know what luminous flame is. The inner part of luminous flame is blue while the outer part of the luminous flame is yellow. It is unsteady. Yeah. Carbon Dioxide is only present in the luminous flame. When oxygen is combined with the flame, the flame will become non- luminous which is inner and outer part are blue. Hmm. Actually luminous flame's hottest part is at the bottom while non- luminous flame hottest part is at the middle and the top. That's all i know. If i know more, i will update for you. Thank you! By helpingppl

Why the dominant color of a nonluminous flame on a Bunsen burner blue?

The dominant color of a nonluminous flame on a Bunsen burner is blue. Whereas, the dominant color of a luminous flame on a Bunsen burner is orange.

Can see the non luminous ball when the flashlight shine on it?

Light from the flashlight reflects off the ball to your eye which enables you to see the ball.

Is the temperature of a luminous flame greater or less than that of a nonluminous flame?

a non-luminous flame- when the air hole of the Bunsen Burner is open"when the air hole is open, more oxygen can enter the burner; therefore, hotter flame will be produced."its color is transparent or blueBlue flames are the hottest flamesa luminous flame is produced when the air hole is closed.."if the air hole is closed, oxygen cannot enter the burner; therefore, least hotter because the combustion is not fully complete with least oxygenA luminous flame has an outer of orange color and an inner of blue.Luminous flames emits more light than non-luminous flames.three things to produce flame1.fuel2.oxygen3.friction or source of sparkLuminous objects emit light. The sun is luminous; the moon is non-luminous.

Why can flashlights be nonluminous?

there are three reasons that cause the flashlight non 1. battery is out of power 2. the tmeperature of bulb is too height to cause short circuit 3. soaking