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Probably not. The average dryer will pull 25amps.

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Q: Can a generator providing 240V 20A operate a 240V clothes dryer?
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An electric dryer works on what voltage?

In the U.S. the most common residential voltage for an electric clothes dryer is 240 volts. In commercial application you will find clothes dryers that operate at 208 volts. In UK 240V.

Clothes dryer will not turn off?

my clothes dryer wiil not stop when the time has expired

How do you clean sand out of clothes dryer?

Get a new dryer

What was the purpose for the clothes dryer?

To dry clothes

How many amps for a gas dryer?

Typically a Gas Clothes Dryer only needs a 15amp ground receptacle to operate. Most current residential laundry rooms are supplied with a 20amp circuit.

When was the clothes dryer invented?

The clothes dryer was built/invented by George T. Sampson in 189.

What did the clothes dryer look like when it was first invented?

pictures of the first ever clothes dryer

Why was the clothes dryer invented?

to dry clothes when they are wet

Who invented the clothes dryer that used heat from a stove?

G T Sampson invented the clothes dryer

How much amperage does a gas clothes dryer draw?

When the heater is on a clothes dryer draws about 24 amps.

How many watts does a generator have to have to run a blow dryer?

Check the wattage of the blow dryer and add 500 watt. This will be the size of generator you will need to use.

Who invented the clothes dryer in 1892?

The person who invented the clothes dryer in 1892 was a French man by the name of M. Pochon. The first clothes dryer was a manual dryer. The person using this machine would have had to hand-crank the dryer in order to successfully dry their clothing.

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