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Oh yes, not all bleed. And not all have their hymen intact due to sports etc or they have one that is very stretchy or were born without one. You know a woman is virgin by asking her, the same way as with men. It's a myth that all women have a hymen, that it always hurts or that everyone bleeds.

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Q: Can a girl be virgin and not bleed?
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Will a virgin girl bleed?

On most girls, they do bleed a little bit when it's their first time.

How does a guy know that a girl is a virgin if she doesn't bleed?

You really can't know for sure. A person may be a virgin and not bleed, you kind of just have to trust what they say. Generally if they are a virgin though, sex for the first couple of times will be painful. If it's not, the girl is probably not a virgin.

How long it takes time to bleed After first intercourse of a virgin girl?

immediately after the intercourse dear.

Will a virgin bleed the first time how?

A virgin will bleed during sexual intercourse unless her hymen is already penetrated. If the hymen is not penetrated the girl may bleed and have discomfort but it will not at all be alot of blood. the pain will go away eventually after the hymen is penetrated.

How does a guy know if a girl is a virgin or not?

Usually the guy can tell if the girl is a virgin because if the girl hasn't had sex before, when she does do it for the first time, she might bleed a little and that is because the guy is penetrating a thin wall ..... But if the girl is very athletic sometimes the wall might rupture on its own......causing the girl not to bleed at all on the first time...

If a girl bleed after sex is she virgin or not?

When a girl bleeds after sex it can mean she's not a virgin after that, on her period, or not lubricated enough or something wrong within the girls body. There are many reasons unrelated to virginity.

My girl frd was a virgin and she dosent bleed after her first sex why?

Most women don't bleed their first time, that is a myth. Only 20% do. She is perfectly normal.

What does it mean when a guy penetrates but the girl doesnt bleed?

Either she's not a virgin or you didn't go far enough.

What happens if you bleed and your not a virgin?

Your on your period

Is it normal for your anus to bleed?

not if your a backdoor virgin.

Is it normal to bleed after sex and am not a virgin and pluse am on the pill?

Well if you've had sex, you're not a virgin. If you bleed after sex, he's probably doing it too hard.

How can HIV be contracted from single sexual act Can a virgin girl and her virgin boyfriend get HIV if they were having sex unprotected and she started to bleed during sex.?

Only if one of you already have HIV. When a virgin girl bleeds during her first intercourese act it is only because her hymen is broken (her cherry pops).

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