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Maybe if you dont want her to get pregnit you should either not have sex at all or reduce the risk by using a condom not your underwear.

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Yes. If he had semen on his finger he has also inserted semen into the vagina. There is a possibility of pregnancy.

No. You cannot get pregnant from oral sex. The sperm would just be dissolved by the strong hydrochloric acid in her stomach.

A girl will only become pregnant if the sperm enters the body through the vagina. If the sperm enter the body orally, there is no way it can enter the vagina, therefore no way she can beome pregnant.

Any time that fresh semen enters the vagina there is a chance that the woman may become pregnant.

If you have sex through your underwear without a condom, then yes, you can get pregnant.

Yes. Underwear is porous enough for the semen to go through it.

No, a female can only get pregnant if semen enters her vagina.

No. If you do not know how babies are made you should not be fooling around at all...

Yes, test it out if you don't believe.

Yes. Sperm can go through thin underwear and any time there is sperm in/around the vagina pregnancy can result.

There is no starting age to become pregnant. The youngest girl to ever have been pregnant was only 5 years old! If a girl has a period she can become pregnant.

yes she can but if you dont have sex the girl will not be pregnant.

The answer is no. the male has to actually ejaculate inside of the female's vagina.

Women become pregnant when a sperm fertilizes one of her eggs.

No. Sperm cannot survive outside the body for long

No.Answer 2:You can only get pregnant if your boyfriend places his penis against or into your vagina such that some of his semen enters.

Yes. It has nothing to do with position, if sperm enters the vagina a female can get pregnant...that's all it takes.

No , its extreemly unlikely! if the semen seeps in her panties, i think there is a possibility that she may get pregnant

no........because it is a very rarer case it only happens 1 times in 10000 cases.

The exact same way adults do. Boy has sex with girl. Sperm enters egg. Egg grows into a baby. Age is irrelevant. The age a boy and girl become fertile is different for everybody.

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