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No... unless she's being raped to the point of severe hemorrhage, having a big penis inside her is not going to kill a woman. She may bleed some, but that's about it.

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How big does your penis have too be to get a girl pregnant?

In this case, size really doesn't matter.

I am 13 and my penis is 10 inches long is that too big 4 a girl?

it depends on the girl but i would say maybe

Does it hurts if the penis is too big?

It's possible that one would feel a stretching sensation if their penis was "too" big.

Is a penis ever too big for a girl?

Yes, stick with men. In short, no. Vaginas were meant to have penises in them.....that is what nature intended. However, it depends from girl to girl as to how big may be "too big". Your best bet is to use lots of lube, go slow, and listen to your partner. If she's in pain, stop.

Is a 10 inch penis too big?

i wouldn't say TOO big but still big but you can still have sex but it may hurt the femal more. An average size penis is 6 inches.

What if the penis is too big?

You dont have to have a huge penis to satisfy your partner. Matter of fact, if it is too big then the entire length of the penis will not go in. This will decrease your level of pleasure. Also, it can rip your partners vagina or anus if the girth is too large. Also, if you have a big penis, you have bigger, more noticable erections. This may be embarrasing for most.

Can a penis be to big?

According to women, yes. Most girls say that a penis bigger than 8 inches is too big

Will a girl bleed if your penis is to big?

She may bleed if she is a virgin so be careful and considerate with her. The vagina's elasticity can and will adjust itself to various shapes and sizes of penis so don't worry too much about that.

Is a 12 inch penis big enough for a girl?

It might almost be too big! Be really gentle and soft when you first have sex. Your partner will need some time to get used to your size.

Can a small penis please a woman with a big vaginal opening?

It depends on the female & the size of the male penis. The chances are the female may not feel it as much as a larger penis. May not be too satisfied, but some females prefer smaller penis sizes than being too big.

Why when making love does it hurt when he is in you deep?

His penis is probably too big and he is pushing too hard.

When do women say a mans penis is too big?

they say it when they have it in their mouths

Is a bigger dick better?

the bigger the dick the more fun the girl has, and the easer it is for the guy 2 hit her G-Spot! However, having too wide a Penis can hurt a woman. It is better to have a bigger than average penis I'm sure, but not too big

Your boyfriend penis is hurting you why?

If it is your first time to have sex and his penis is too big, then you might have torn some skin.

Why can a girl fit tampons in but not a penis?

I'm a girl and tampons can fit because they are smaller thinner than a penis. But us girls can fit a penis inside too, it's just bigger and harder.

What if penis is too big and vagina is too small does it still go in?

The human body is remarkably adaptable and with sufficient lubrication this should not be a problem

Can a man's penis be too big for insertion?

Nope, It Just Means Your Vagina Is Too Tight! Haha.

Can you be injured if a mans penis is too big?

If the sex is too violent than yes a woman can be hurt.

Your penis is 10 it is perfect or not?

too much of a blessing, it would hurt the girl but wow her too.

Is 36D too big for a 14-year-old girl?

No it isn't. It is big but not too big. I am another 14 y.o. girl with 36d.

18 years old and have a 6 inch penis is that to small?

The Average size of a male's penis is between 5-7 inshes, so to answer your question, no, it's average, not too small not too big. The Average size of a male's penis is between 5-7 inshes, so to answer your question, no, it's average, not too small not too big.

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