Can a girl get pregnant from eating a mans semen?


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No, it has to enter the vagina for a girl to get pregnant.

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Only if he sticks his fingers inside you.

a mans semen can be near a women s vagina and get her pregnant. a women can get pregnant without the penis entering the body. it only has to be on the vagina, not in it. :-o

Yes, it's natural for a man's semen to come back out of a woman. But there is always some semen that stays so you still have a chance of getting pregnant.

you can get pregnant.but it is less likely to. there are some sperm cells in the clear stuff..........but its not really enough to get you pregnant unless a whole bunch is in you

Yes she can, to the protein in it.

Yes, all it takes is one sperm and you will have a bundle of joy.

It will not make your teeth whiter.

Technically No. But if the man has pre-ejaculation and his penis head is wet with semen and by chance that got into your vagina, there is a possibility that you can get pregnant. But the chances are very slim.

It is called semen and a couple other too!

Multi-vitamins can color a mans semen yellow.

No. The egg is already fertilized and the uterus closed to protect the embryo so the new mans semen will never reach the uterus.

It depends on if she conceived the child before or after she paired up with the boyfriend and if the boyfriend was aware of the girl being pregnant at the time.

It is possible but obviously he could have to have male sperm in his mouth in the first place. where ever the sperm comes from if it make contact with the vigina the girl can get pregnant

no she couldn't be pregnant as the sperm would have died anyway, as it was in the air... sperm does not die just because it hits air...however if he wiped it all off and his fingers were dry i would say its not a possibility...but if a guy jerks off and has semen on him and then inserts it into can become pregnant...the semen does not just die in the air...if it did in vitro would never work because the mans sperm would die as soon as it landed in the cup

its girl cum. It can be white, almost like a mans, also it can be clear. the colour of water No she is not cheating on you the "Girl Cum" is a natural lubrication.

Yes, it is, if not better than a mans, because they are producing alot more

Having an orgasm has absolutely nothing to do with the chances of a woman becoming pregnant. Neither does it have any effect on the mans semen or sperm. A man has to ejaculate into a woman at the right time during her menstrual cycle usually within 4 days of the middle of her cycle or ovulation for her to become pregnant. Google "fertility timing" on your browser for more accurate information.

No it is not directly possible to become pregnant in this way. However, indirectly if you are not careful it is possible as some semen will still be in the shaft of the penis, you should not have unprotected sex afterwards. Also you should take care and clean up any semen, ensuring that it does not come into contact with your vagina in any way. You must be careful however to always use a condom when having intercourse to prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy. noYou can not get pregnant as a result of swallowing a mans ejaculation. he has to ejaculate in your vagina to make you pregnant.No, it can't make you pregnant because the places it will go to in your body are not linked to your reproductive organs

Neither has any affect on a mans strength or health.

no! Men have sperm, women have eggs, you need an egg and sperm to get pregnant. So if you have 2 sperm you can't. Same with two eggs.

Yes. Scientists that have studied the female orgasm have noticed that the orgasm actually encourages semen that have been ejaculated into her vagina to move into her uterus. This in itself is a definite thing that will cause a woman to get pregnant.

if a woman in menses eats mans sperms she won't get pragnent

Yes, assuming the person is infected with the AIDS virus.

There is always a possibility of some the mans sperm escaping before orgasm. pregnancy do occur this way.

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