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OF COURSE IT DOESNT MATTER YOU STILL HAD SEX That wasn't very helpful. It is unlikely that you would get pregnant immediately after your period and if ejaculation took place outside the vagina, but Stranger Things have happened, so get checked out. and take more care next time. stuoid ur not susposed to do that hope u like babies

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Q: Can a girl get pregnant if sex had taken place a day after her last period day and the condom came off when the penis was removed and ejaculation took place outside of the vagina?
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Can you get pregnant if the penis is not inserted all the way in and had withdrawal method?

You may get pregnant if ejaculation happens while penis is inside and during the fertilization period. However, if ejaculation happens outside or a condom is used then probability of getting pregnant is almost zero.

What are the chances of getting and STD if condom fell off inside vagina but top was outside and there was no ejaculation?


What is the likeliness that a girl would become pregnant if the spermicidal condom broke during sex without ejaculation?

Without ejaculation, not very likely.

Can a woman get pregnant if the semen leaks out a little from the base of the condom after ejaculation?

Only if she has a big vag.

Can you get pregnant from semen on the outside of the condom?


What is the possibility of getting pregnant if the condom was inside but the opening was outside the vagina?

If the condom came of but the open end of it was outside the vagina there is little or no chance of getting pregnant.

Can you become pregnant if the condom broke inside of you and there was pre-ejaculate fluid inside?

Yes, many women get pregnant from pre-ejaculation.

What are the statistical odds of getting a girl pregnant when using a condom along with pulling out right before ejaculation and doing it into the condom?

I would say 0.1%

What are the chances of being pregnant under these circumstances. He finished inside with a condom then pulled out and removed the condom received oral sex went back in with no condom didn't ejaculate?

You could be pregnant

Can you get pregnant if the condom busts but the male never came?

Yes. In many cases, there is some ejaculation before the man realizes there is.

Chances of being pregnant if came outside the vagina in a condom?


Can you get pregnant if you no using condom but your partner sperm outside quickly?


Condom slipped off with withdrawal but opening stayed outside of you?

You can get pregnant.

If you conceived on 30th whos more likely to get you pregnant the man you slept with on 29th and 30th who ejaculated outside of you or a man you slept with on the 26th who never ejacualted at all?

If the guy on the 26th was wearing a condom, it is most likely not him. If he wasn't wearing a condom, he could have gotten you pregnant. Pre-cum (the clear stuff that comes out before ejaculation) can have traces of sperm in it, and that can make you pregnant. The guy that ejaculated outside the vagina: On those days the conditions were just right that the semen could have traveled into the vagina, and gotten you pregnant.

Can a girl get pregnant if you ejaculated in the condom took a shower wash your penis then put it back in without the condom?

You would want to have the condom on because a girl can get pregnant even of there is no proper ejaculation, and even after one has occurred and despite washing. This is because some fluid containing sperm cells will often be produced during intercourse and can make a female pregnant.

What if the guy put it in for a minute or so without a condom but then put a condom on does that make you pregnant?

There is always a chance of some sperm getting by even before ejaculation. The chance is there even though it is slim.

What are the possibilities that you could be pregnant from pre-ejaculation fluid if the condom broke but your boyfriend realized it and pulled out before he ejaculated?

Possible but highly unlikely.

When a girl has sex without an condom but the guy pulls out before coming inside you can you get pregnant?

A: yes you can, Pre-ejaculation neither of you will feel it when it happens

Is it possible to get pregnant if the guys uses a condom but after ejaculation he continues to keep going?

Yes. The moment a man ejaculates, his penis begins to shrink from the hard on, and leakage can happen. Not to mention, that a condom is not a 100% guarantee of no pregnancy.

Can a girl get pregnant by putting sperm on the outside of the condom?

Yes, it only takes one...

Can you get pregnant if the male inserted his penis for about ten seconds?

yes you can there is a such thing as pre-ejaculation if you arent wearing a condom there is a chance you could get pregnant. always wear one no matter what unless you are married.

Can a girl get pregnant if the condom came off in the girl after sex after he ejaculated?

Absolutely. The condom is filled with millions of sperm that can get out of the condom if it's left inside her. That's why you should withdraw immediately after ejaculation; otherwise, as you "shrink," the condom can slip off, exposing her to pregnancy risks and to any sexually transmitted diseases you have.

Can you get pregnant if he pulls out but the condom stays inside?

possibly, the outside of the condom is fine and clean but if the inside of it lets some semen into your vagina then you might get pregnant, your probably fine though this is highly unlikely

Can she be pregnant when you have a condom on and you came outside of her but some came out of the top of the condom and near her vagina?

If by near you mean inside the lips then yes its possible. If you mean outside the lips than most likely not.

Can you reuse a condom if the male did not ejaculate the first time?

No. It is not a good idea to reuse a condom, even if there was no ejaculation.