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Yes. It is possible to get pregnancy, even if you have never ovulated. You have not ovulated in past is not a proof that you will not ovulate this time. The test of ovulation or the method by you do the ovulation is by no means foolproof. You may get the ovulation one day after the sexual intercourse. The sperms are still capable of giving you pregnancy.

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Q: Can a girl get pregnant if you are not ovulating?
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Can get pregnant when you are ovulating?

While ovulating is precisely the time you can get pregnant.

How can you get a girl pregnancy?

Do you mean how can you get a girl pregnant? If so, you have unprotected sex with her when she is ovulating and hope for the best

Why is menstrual flow a sign that a girl can be pregnant?

Flow is a sign that the girl is not pregnant yet, but ovulating, or producing eggs every month. These eggs can be fertilized, and she can become pregnant.

At what age girl can get pregnant?

A girl can become pregnant usually after puberty. This is because of her menstrual cycle. She must be ovulating though in order for her to conceive (become pregnant). Some women can have periods without ovulating so that would be the most important thing is that she ovulates.

If kids have intercorse will they get pregnant?

If the kids have gone through puberty, if the girl is ovulating and the boy is producing sperm, yes they can get pregnant.

Can a girl get pregnant at any time?

No you have to be ovulating to get pregnant. That only happens maybe once or twice a month depending on the women.

Can a 13 year old get pregnant with out any?

A thirteen year old girl can get pregnant if she has started ovulating and has unprotected sex.

Is it possible for you to be pregnant and ovulating?


Can a nine year old be pregnant?

Yes if she have started ovulating. Not long ago a 9yo girl was raped and got pregnant in Brazil.

Can an ovulation test tell you when you are ovulating even if you are pregnant?

You stop ovulating when you become pregnant, so I would think not.

Can a lady be pregnant if she is not ovulating?

If a lady is no longer ovulating then no eggs are being produced and therefore she can no longer become pregnant.

Do you stop ovulating when you get pregnant?


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