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No, a female can only get pregnant if semen enters her vagina.


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If you ejaculate in a rubber can you get a girl pregnant

A girl can get pregnant by pre-ejaculate and ejaculate. Ejaculate contains the most sperm.

No; You ejaculate seminal fluids in her vagina to get her pregnant.

If you are on the pill, the chances of getting pregnant are fairly low, so it's unlikely that you'll get pregnant.

The only way for a female to get pregnant is for a man to ejaculate semen into the woman's vagina. A girl can't get pregnant from a girl; a guy cannot get pregnant from a girl.

She sure can, if there was any ejaculate or pre-ejaculate on or around the penis at the time.

Do you mean like wet with water? Yes, you could get a girl pregnant even if you are having sex in a swimming pool. Do you men wet with pre-ejaculate? Pre-ejaculate contains sperm, so it can make a girl pregnant, even it you didn't ejaculate yet.

impossible. you have to ejaculate to get a girl pregnant.

No she cannot get pregnant through the hole she craps out of. Rofl!

A female that has gone through puberty can get pregnant. "Pre-cum" can contain sperm, so it can get a post-pubecent girl pregnant, yes.

If you are asking if you ejaculate in her then SHE pees after that, it makes no difference. If you are asking if you ejaculate in her then YOU pee in her, it would probably decrease the chance of her getting pregnant.

It is not possible unless the finger had fresh ejaculate on it.

i think the man has to ejaculate into the vagina for the girl to become pregnant . but if you are going that far with a man you should always use a condom

You can make a girl pregnant by ejaculating in her vagina. When the ejaculate enters the vagina, it swims towards an egg. Once a sperm from the ejaculate has latched onto her egg or eggs, she is pregnant and an infant begins to grow.

Pre-ejaculate contains no sperm - therefore no chance of pregnancy.

Yes you can. Because pre-ejaculate or pre-cum contains sperm.

It is possible to get pregnant any time of your monthly cycle and all ejaculate (even pre-ejaculate) contains sperm so get a pregnancy test if your worried.

The answer to this is NO. A girl can only get pregnant IF ejaculate somehow gets into the vagina. If a girl has both shots AND panties on she pretty much should have nothing to worry about if the guy did ejaculate on her shorts.

No, because all you did was touch her, not ejaculate sperm into her vagina. That's the only thing that will make her pregnant.

yes as pre-ejaculate can contain small amounts of sperm

You can "pre-ejaculte" even if you have never ejaculated before and get a girl prgnant. There is almost always sperm in pre-ejaculate.

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