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Can a girl get pregnant through her anus?


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A girl can not get pregnant through her anus.

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There is an absolute 0% of getting pregnant through your anus

You are not able to get pregnant from the anus.

You can not get pregnant from the anus.

No, unless some semen dripped down into her vagina.

No she cannot get pregnant through the hole she craps out of. Rofl!

Nothing. Food doesn't pass through the anus. Waste passes through the anus.

No! Not unless you have a tear between your anus and your vagina. But you would probably be dead then! Sperm has to get to your uterus to fertilize an egg, and it can not from your anus. But if you wiped the sperm out over your vagina after anal sex then you might cause that to happen.

You can only get pregnant if a drop of sperm reaches the vagina from the anus.

No, she can only get pregnant through vaginal intercourse not oral.

I think there is a animal that can it through its anus

Try not to aim for her anus each time you have sex. I never works. The natural way works

Many women claim they climax through the anus.

No. Only vaginal penetration can make a female pregnant. You can use a condom though to prevent that from happening. PS. Vaginal penetration CAN make a girl pregnant EVEN if there is no ejaculation. Keep in mind. ;)

ingestion of hair through the mouth, thus it exits through the anus

the girl can get pregnant if the sperm go through the virgina hole

No,a girl can only get pregnant if the boys penis is inserted into her vagina and the sperm goes through it:)

No, humans cannot give birth through the anus. There have been reports of animals birthing through the anus, mainly in horses via the foal kicking and penetrating the anus, but humans are unable to give birth through the rectum.

No. Cows give birth through the VAGINA, not the anus. ALL mammals give birth through the vagina or birth canal, NEVER THE ANUS.

the anus is the final point of which the wast goes through

there are veins in your anus so yes

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