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If a girl has sperm injected into one of her eggs, yes she can.

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Q: Can a girl get pregnant without a guy?
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Can a guy get a girl pregnant if he doesn't have spirm?

can a guy get a girl pregnant if he doesn't have spirm

Can a 20 year old guy and a 16 year old girl get married without consent of the girl's parents in GA If girl is pregnant?


Can a girl get a pregnant without pannis goes in her verginia?

yes she can you can go to a doctor and he will do sergery on both you and the guy and he will mix the egg and sperm together and put it in the girl and then she will be pregnant and have a baby

If a girl swallowthe sperm of a guy will she get pregnant?

No. A girl gets pregnant from sperm in her vagina.

Can you get pregnant from a girl?

The only way for a female to get pregnant is for a man to ejaculate semen into the woman's vagina. A girl can't get pregnant from a girl; a guy cannot get pregnant from a girl.

Can a girl get pregnant if she is not a virgin but the guy is?

YES!!! As long as a girl and a guy have sex a girl can get pregnant. It doesn't matter if their both virgins, if the guy is a virgin and the girl isn't, if the girl is a virgin and the guy isn't, or if neither of them is a virgin. As long as you have sex you can get pregnant. I recommend birth control and condoms if your planning on having sex and don't want to become pregnant.

Can a girl gets pregnant if a guy comes before a girl?

If a guy comes inside the girl, she can get pregnant no matter what, except if they are using contraception [condoms, etc.]

If a guy finger to a girl but doesn't have sperm can a girl get pregnant?

In order for a girl to get pregnant there must be sperm involved.

If a guy is diabetic can he get a girl pregnant?


Can a girl get pregnant if she climaxes before he does?

yes if you have unprotected sex and the guy ejectulates into the girl she can get pregnant her climaxing before the guy does not stop pregnancy just like if the girl is on top she can still get pregnant if she does not want to get pregnant there are condoms use them

How do you make a guy?

If u are a woman and have sex with a man without condoms or using pills u can get pregnant and possibly create A guy (or a girl) after 9 +- months.

Is it possible of a girl and guy are on top of each other without underwear and the boy doesn't ejaculate for the girl to get pregnant without sex?

There's no way the girl will get pregnant, because the boy did not ejaculate, so that means no sperm or semen excreted that will fertilize a mature egg of the female.

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