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If he doesn't like it, then don't do it!

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It depends. If your a girl you have to play with your nipples and grab his penis. If your a guy you gotta kiss her body

Get your friends to tell his friends to bug him about it. Him vein a guy will be like competitive and kiss you. But you need to of your close. Guy and girl friends to be there and keep saying kiss kiss!

You never know. If a girl is unattractive, but her personality is beautiful, that may lead to the guy wanting to kiss/like her. Looks are not everything.

because when you kiss him the girl feels happy and the girl gets more conected 2 the guy

if you are a girl you have a guy stick his penis inside your vagina and if you are a guy then get a girl and stick your penis inside her vagina and then go at with each other ;)

just kiss her and see how she feels about it if you really like her and this is coming from a girl

if it has a penis it is a guy, if it has a vagina it is a girl.

Well, usually if a girl wants to kiss a guy, she'll look him right in the eye, and smile. But if you're going to kiss a girl, don't make it completely random, or you'll look like an idiot. (;

it means that the girl has a crush on you and wants to kiss you<3

Yes it is. The only things are that a guy could kiss a guy or a girl could kiss a girl and you can kiss someone "tenderly" or "romanticly".

A girl that a guy likes is like a beautiful rose that he must have. He absolutely loves and adores her and would love nothing more that to kiss her tender beautiful lips.

It means he likes her and is like about to kiss her.

If a guy forces you to kiss him then he is not the right guy for you! You need to decide if you wanna kiss him not the guy! I can relate to that because there was once a guy I liked and he tried to force me to kiss him! Never like a guy like that. That is called a unhealthy relationship.

Girl asks guy out, kiss her on the cheek. Guy asks girl out, say "we'll see" and blow him a kiss.

Don't kiss her because she asks, kiss her because YOUwant to.

No but the guy does lose his about a month or two

Well most guys are into that thing, so yes, guys like it when a girl(or guy if gay) touch their penis.

Maybe she want to show respect to the guy like the customs in foreign country~or she is really love thi guy .kiss is also a normall way to show love to others!

yes it is possible to kiss/french kiss with a tongue ring. In fact the guy likes a girl with a ring.Answeryes it is possible to kiss/french kiss with a tongue ring. In fact the guy likes a girl with a ring.

I don't think it goes that if ur in the moment....kiss. If not don't lol it depends if it's the right time or not. I think most of the time the guy kisses first but it doesn't matter that much. Just both go in at the same time tilt ur heads and *BAM*! kiss (: Hope i helped! a girl is more impressed if you kiss her

when your redy to kiss a guy/girl you give them a hug and then quickly give them a kiss

yeah get another girl and kiss her on the first date ! (tongue to tongue) but it HAS to be at night !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it will be the best night of your life !

The guy does and no you do not do it with your friends around unless its a little kiss

If you like him u could dare him to kiss you. Who was the first girl u kissed or who did u have the best kiss with

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