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If your meaning , If a girl kisses a guy on the lips , then no you cannot get pregnant .

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2011-04-08 12:32:06
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Q: Can a girl on boy kiss in the lips get pregnant?
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Can a girl be pregnant if a boy kisses her on her lips?

No, it's not possible to get pregnant from a kiss.

How do you kiss a girl if you are a boy?

with your lips

How do you kiss a girl if your a girl?

Same way as you kiss a boy... With your lips and your tongue, gently

What does kiss on lips mean?

Kiss on the lips means when a boy or a girl wraps their lips around another persons lips. Try it with your boyfriend!

If a boy kisses a girl on her lips the girl can become pregnant?

yes she can but if you dont have sex the girl will not be pregnant.

Can a boy and a girl kiss each other on the lips?

Sure, they can kiss each other on the lips. That means they love each other.

Does a first kiss count if it's on the cheek?

No. It does not. Even a peck on the lips does not count. A real kiss has to be on the lips for more the three seconds. Some of that is totally wrong. I bet he/she has never kissed a girl/boy. If you kiss a girl/boy on the cheek, it does count as a kiss, just if you kiss him/her on the lips, it's better that way.

Can a girl get pregnant if a boy do any kind of kiss?


Should you kiss a 14 year old boy on the lips if you a 12 year old girl?

If he is very trusted then yes, kiss him on the lips. :)

How do you 11year old boy to kiss a12 year old girl?

The boy says lets know each other lips to lips

How does a ten year old girl kiss a nine year old boy?

With their lips.

What does it mean when a boy puckers up his lips and taps the spot next to him to a girl?

When a boy puckers up his lips and taps the spot next to him he wants the girl to move closer to him so he can kiss her.

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