Can a girl who's short when young could be taller when big than who's young tall?

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Yes, why is you daughter or something short?
Anyone can be tall's in their genes
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Who's Keith and the girl?

Keith and the Girl is a daily comedy podcast hosted by comedian Keith Malley, and his girlfriend, singer Chemda Khalili. More information on the show, and how to download it can be found at

How can a short girl grow taller?

Eat a lot of vegetables and fruits and play basketball and tennis. And it also depends on the genetics you inherited from your parents. If both of your parents are tall, there's a good chance you'll grow tall too, just be patient. If both of your parents are short, well you get my point. If eithe ( Full Answer )

Who's Young Jinsu?

Father Puertorican (Jose) Mother Jamaican He is a music Artist Genre : Rap,Hip Hop and R&B Birth date: June 24th 1996 Age: 15 years Old (Soon to be 16) Recently Working and Dating Mya Mcclure

Who's more tall girls or boys?

the taller ones are the guys because the guys bones develope alot more faster and easier. People say that if we drink alot of milk we build strong bones..and its actually true but guys internal growth inside them develope alot faster and that's how they get taller. Girls bones take a little more tim ( Full Answer )

Who's the sexiest girl in the world?

Rachelle Cummins. KEI NOLASCO LOPEZ is the sexiest and hottest girl in the entire world. . 100. Franziska Klein . 99. Taylor Swift . 98. Jessica Findlay Brown . 97. Kate Garraway . 96. Helen Skelton . 95. Irina Shayk . 94. Rita Ora . 93. Alexandra Breckenridge . 92. Florrie . 91. Jenna ( Full Answer )

Who's is the girl in ne-yo do you video?

hey ne-yo i just wanted to say i am a huge fan of yours and just wanted u to know that i love your music and also all that ur doin'and also i also wanted to say i refuse to beliveve all the rumoers about you and i will always be you#1 fan. love always,quchae

Who's the girl who says that's Watson's?

I was just doing research to see what her name is and I found it!!!! Her name is Jennifer Eichler.. Here's a website I found about her:. Search for "jennifer eichler watson's girl" at

Who's the young richest?

The youngest invester in Africa is Edmund Tuyee. He is an oil invester. He is 24 years old. He owns a six acre appartment in Ghana. He makes about 60 million dollars a week.

Is it ok if a boy who's 14 and is in Year 10 fancies a girl who's 13 in year 9 and would it be ok if she liked him and if her parents have something to say about this what could you and her do?

I'm in a very similar situation myself I'm 18, nearly 19, and have just finished school after doing my A-Levels there. I've never had a girlfriend before, but I met this girl who I really like a little while ago. She's smart, funny, and very very sexy, but she's only 16. I figure, what the hell, you ( Full Answer )

How could I have short term memory loss at such a young age?

Everyone forgets things, it doesn't mean that your mind is deteriorating. Most people don't realize the profound affect proper diet and exercise have on your ability to retain and access information. Proper protein intake and polyunsaturated fats and oils as well as the vitamins you get from fruits ( Full Answer )

How young could a girl get pregnant?

\nthe youngest mother ever was 5 years old to a boy of the same age (it wouldve been horrifying on the grandest scale if otherwise.)

Who's life is better a boy or a girl?

I would say a males life is better because woman have different things that need to really need to be taken care of, like every month periods. Females also have the baby, and mostly have to take care of it. I don't know how a males life would be difficult.

Can a young man who's been in jail twice for not paying support reverse sole custody to joint?

Though the two issues are separate, this does not necessarily mean it will not be considered. Since fathers are being jailed as a result of being layoff, even though they have filed a modification motion, it's not uncommon for repeat jailings. see link below The primary issue here is what's best ( Full Answer )

How do you talk to a girl who's mad at you?

Best answer--DON'T! If a girl is mad at you, wait at least 24 hours to engage in conversation again. If its any sooner then that, the pot is still steaming. If you wait longer then two days, she'll think you don't care. simply start with "I'm sorry" as the first words that come out of your mouth. It ( Full Answer )

What are the girl chipmunks names and who's the oldest?

The female chipmunks, or "Chipettes" are named Eleanor (the green one, Theodore's counterpart), Jeanette (the purple/blue one, Simon's counterpart), and Brittany (the red/pink one, Alvin's counterpart). I don't think their ages are explicitly stated, however, we can probably assume that Brittany is ( Full Answer )

Young I am tall. old I am short what am I?

The answer is a candle because it is tall when it is new or'young.' But as it gets used or 'older', it gets shorter becausethe wax melts.

In seussical the Musical is the who's a big part?

The whos are chorus roles. They sing in Oh the Thinks You Can Think, Here on Who, The People Versus Horton the Elephant, Oh The Thinks You Can Think (Finale), and Green Eggs and Ham. In the song Here on Who there are 5 or 6 solos available for the whos. Depending on how many whos you have, your pa ( Full Answer )

Does Chris Brown like young and tall girls?

He probably doesn't care that much about the height. Though, I havenever seen him with short girls. But, hey, that doesn't mean shortgirls don't have a chance. short girls need love too. :p

When the wind blows when the garden grows sung at end of Young and the Restless on June twenty third who's singing it where can I find the lyrics?

This song was again used 2/15/11 at the end of The Young & the Restless, following the funeral of Cane Ashby. It doesn't appear that it has been released for purchase but the MP3 can be downloaded here: The Wind Blows-Melena Buscema (lead)& Michel ( Full Answer )

In Gossip Girl who's nate going out?

Well mostly Nate is going out with Serena, but suddenly they broke up because of Jenny. Later Serena met Trip(s) but he was married. And then Serena came to Nate because she needs help about Trip(s) marriage. So he helped but to do that he asked her to forget about him and go to the bar to get drunk ( Full Answer )

What if you like a girl who's friend likes you?

Just tell the girl you like her. If you dont like the friend dont worry about it. Let her and the friend figure it out between themselves just dont get mad if she doesnt want to go out with you becuzx she doesnt want to hurt her friend Another thing to do is (if you are friends with her best friend ( Full Answer )

How do you make a girl who's not physically attracted to you interested in more than a friendship?

You can't really make anyone be interested in you...if you could, you'd be a genie or a magician or something.... Unsympathetic answer: She's not interested. There's plenty of fish in the sea. Sympathetic answer: Take your focus off of "making" her be interested in you and put it into your fri ( Full Answer )

What to do if you love a girl who's spoken for?

Some guys always ask why did that cute girl have to be spoken for well obviously guys just don't want to fight a girls current boyfriend for her well you don't so do not think you always have to fight a girls current boyfriend for her just keep talking her into liking you more than her current guy b ( Full Answer )

Who's the cutest girl ever?

Megan good this is an opinion based question it could be diffrent for everyone but in my opinion itis Megan fox

How do you comfort a girl who's upset and scared?

to comfort a girl who is upset and scared always listen to her and let her talk it out. Just her saying it to you will be a big help. It is also helpful if you are with them in person and hold them tight because this helps them feel protected and safe. Wipe away her tears if she is so upset that she ( Full Answer )

Why do young girls get big breasts?

Genetics plays a part, though some believe hormones given to theanimals that produce the meat we eat may also be a factor.

In which year did Madonna release Who's That Girl?

The song Who's That Girl was released by the female singer Madonna was released in the year 1987. Who's That Girl was released on the album Who's That Girl the same year.

What are the ratings and certificates for Who's That Girl - 1987?

Who's That Girl - 1987 is rated/received certificates of: Argentina:13 Australia:M Finland:K-14 Iceland:L Netherlands:MG6 Peru:14 Portugal:M/12 Singapore:PG South Korea:15 Sweden:11 UK:PG (cut) UK:PG (video re-rating) (2006) (uncut) USA:PG (No. 28651)

What are the release dates for Who's That Girl - 1987?

Who's That Girl - 1987 was released on: USA: 7 August 1987 Ireland: 18 September 1987 Portugal: 18 September 1987 West Germany: 24 September 1987 Denmark: 9 October 1987 Sweden: 9 October 1987 Finland: 16 October 1987 Spain: 23 October 1987 Japan: 31 October 1987 France: 18 Nove ( Full Answer )

How do I get a girl who's in love with me to stop talking to me?

If she is making you uncomfortable, just talk to her about it. Doesshe know that you don't like her back? if she does, then justkindly ask her to please stop talking to you. If she doesn't know,explain to her the situation, and she will most likely understand.Being a girl myself, every girl's reacti ( Full Answer )