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If you are on the pill, the chances of getting pregnant are fairly low, so it's unlikely that you'll get pregnant.

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Q: Can a girl who is on the pill get pregnant from pre-ejaculate?
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Can a girl take pill if she is not pregnant?

You need to specify what pill you are talking about.

If the girl took the pill on June and then July can she get pregnant on December?

yes you have to keep taking the pill that's the only way your protected. if you stop taking the pill you can get pregnant.

Can a girl get pregnant from anal while on the pill for a week?

No after a week you are protected.

Can a girl get pregnant when having the pill?

If she's taking the pill according to instructions that risk is very, very small.

Can a girl get pregnant if she uses birth control correctly?

Yes a girl can get pregnant on the pill even if taken correctly..only is 99.9% the 1% can happen to any person who takes the pill and is sexually active.

Can a girl be pregnant if she has been taking her pill correctly - has sex one night - and then misses taking a pill the next day?

Yes. If you miss a pill, you need to take it as soon as you remember, but there is still a chance you may get pregnant.

Why would a girl leak milk if she has never been pregnant and is taking the pill?

A hormonal imbalance.

Can you still get pregnant if you are only spotting after stopping the pill?

You can get pregnant after you stop the pill.

Could you get pregnant using the pill?

You can get pregnant whilst on the pill, but it is very unlikely.

Can you get pregnant if you forget to take a sugar pill?

If by reminder pill you mean the active pill then yes you can become pregnant.

Will your peiod stop if your pregnant and on the pill?

If you're pregnant, then your periods will stop. Also, if you are pregnant, you SHOULD NOT be taking the pill.

Can you get a girl on birth control pregnant?

If the girl is taking the pill perfectly then it is 99% effective. If she misses any pills her chance of getting pregnant increases. If you are not too worried about getting the girl pregnant because shes on the pill then don't use a condom. But if you are worried at all then definitely use a condom. Overall i recommend using a condom every time.

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