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In general, parents have total legal custody of children unless otherwise decreed by the court. A grandmother can only take custody of a minor child if so ordered by the court.

Here's a start CA Family Law Code

3040. (a) Custody should be granted in the following order of preference according to the best interest of the child (1) To both parents jointly the court shall consider, among other factors, which parent is more likely to allow the child frequent and continuing contact with the noncustodial parent, (2) If to neither parent, to the person or persons in whose home the child has been living in a wholesome and stable environment. (3) To any other person or persons deemed by the court to be suitable and able to provide adequate and proper care and guidance for the child. (b) choose a parenting plan that is in the best interest of the child.

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Q: Can a grandmother take a grandchild from his mother?
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What is the name of relationship between you and your mother's mother?

Your mother's mother is your grandmother. You are her grandchild.

How do you call mother's mother's mother called as?

Answer: We would call Her your "Great Grandmother" ~ 1)your Moma's Mother would be your Grandma or GrandMother. 2) your Grandmother's Mother is your Great-Grandma or Great-Grandmother .. {1) you are your Mother's Child. 2) You are your Grandmother's Grandchild , and you are the Great Grandchild of your Great Grandmother....

Can a grandmother take custody of her grandchild if the mother is unfit and the father lives is in jail going to get deported?

The court would have to award you custody.

Can a grandchild whose mother predeceases his grandmother inherit from his grandmother who dies intestate?

Yes, it is entirely possible, depending on the number of children the grandmother had and who is living.

What are you to your great grandfather's sister's great grandmother?

This is a nonsense question - because your great grandfather and his sister share the same grandmother, so there is no need to introduce the sister into the question You------------great great great grandchild father--------------- great great grandchild grandfather ---------------great grandchild great grandfather ----------------grandchild great grandfather's mother ----- daughter great grandfather's grandmother

What is the relation of a mother to her son's daughter?

in western cultures it is the same for all the children's children. grandmother to grandchild.

Can half sister stop grandmother from seeing her grandson?

FOR MY OPINON NO BECAUSE GRANDMOTHER IS BLOOD AND ELDERLY AND HALF SISTER IS IN BY MARRIAGE SO YOU DON'T COME IN A FAMILY AND DISREPECT ELDERLY If the half-sister is the mother of the grandchild, or has legal custody of the grandchild through other means, she may have the authority to stop the grandmother fro seeing her grandchild, depending on whether the state in which the grandchild lives has laws establishing grandparents' rights.

Is a paternal grandmother with permanent custody of her grandchild a parent or are they a family?

You are a grandparent since you have not adopted the child but your role is to do what a mother does as well. The biological parents can very well have visitation. You and your grandchild are definitely a family.

When Grandchild has been living in home of mother and grandmother for four years will the grandmother have visitation rights to the grandchild?

In most jurisdictions, grandparents never receive visitation rights as an automatic process. Any such rights must be specifically sought from and granted by a court, and are not yet very common.

What is a maternal grandmother who is deceased prior to the birth of grandchildren called?

A grandmother is a grandmother, whether she died before the grandchild was born or years after. If she died long before the grandchild was born, she may not know when she became a grandmother, but that is another matter. The English language does not have a word or phrase for a grandparent who died before the grandchild was born. If you absolutely require a phrase, the proper description would be "deceased grandmother" or "dead grandmother."

How can grandmother get custody of abandoned grandchild?

Magazines say( and I believe) that a child is safest when in the presence of a grandmother.

Can a grandmother look for her grandchild she found out was a closed adoption?

yes. she can

Can a grandmother get custody of grandchild by not informing parents about court dates?


What is a grandmother?

Your grandmother is the mother of your mother or the mother of your father.

Is a grandmother a mother?

Yes, a grandmother is a mother. A mother to her daughter. She is grandmother to her daughter's children.

Does the grandmother have rights to her grandchild?

It's up to the parent of the child, if the parents don't agree you can always take them to court. Depends on the situation.

What if parent did't exist ex if the parent like mother or father sent their child before the parent mother was pregnant with them and never was pregnant and was left alone with her own grandchild?

yup that can happen by time travle. if the female was left alone with her own grandchild & never was pregnant with her child & the futune child become a parent & sent their child in the past before the parent mother was pregnant & the parent give their child to their mother before she become pregnant with them & than the parent mother never become pregnant with them & she was left alone with her non-exist child their child witch it is her grandchild & she become a grandmother with out giving birth to her child that did't exist at that time before she did't get pregnant & die never give birth to non-exist child who the grandchild parent never exist in time & it was just grandchild & the grandmother.

What are grandmother sauces?

Grandmother sauces are recipes handed down in families, typically from grandmother to grandchild, so the recipes can live on throughout family history.

Is your maternal grandmother your mom's mother?

Yes. "Maternal" means "related to you mother." "Grandmother" means "mother of your parent." Therefore "maternal grandmother" is the grandmother who is related to your mother, hence the mother of your mother.

Can a grandparent take a grandchild out of state with mother permission on vacation?

yes but must be with parent supervision

How are you related if your grandmother and someone's great-grandmother are sisters?

The great-grandchild of your grandmother's sister is your second cousin, once removed.

Who is the mother of the mother of the first grandchild of the Demon of Screamin'?


What is the Norwegian spelling for Moi Moi for Grandmother?

mormor - Mother's mother (maternal grandmother) farmor - Father's mother (paternal grandmother) bestemor - Grandmother (best mother)

Grandma in Spanish?

Abuela (Grandmother) Abuelita (little grandmother - or a term of endearment used by a grandchild for his/her grandmother.) ñaña - (not nana) (a common term used for "granny" by little grandchildren)

How hard is it to take a child from the only living parent if i'm the mother of deceased father?

Unless the mother of the child is provably unfit for the role it would be very difficult for you to take your grandchild away from its mother