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Can a green card be changed for a visa?


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What do you mean green card changed for a visa? A visa to do what? Why would you want to change a permanent lawful residence status for a visa?

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I had a student visa but went out of status Can i marry a green card holder and apply for a green card?"

A Green Card is a pemanent US resident's visa. You don't need more than one visa.

If you have a green card and a travel document from the USCIS you need a visa. But if you are a green card holder and have a passport, you may not need a visa depending upon the country of citizenship, i.e. green card is irrelevant. Check the list of citizens who requires visa for Malaysia.

Do you mean will the U.S. will let you back in without a green card? yes if you have a valid visa, such as a B1 visa or H1B visa. You can also apply for an Advance Parole while you are waiting for your green card to come in.

A "Green Card" is the old term of a US Permanent Resident Visa. However, the Permanent Resident Visa is now no longer printed on green paper, nor is it credit-card sized. It's a historical term for the visa.

you dont need a VISA to vist Mexico if you hold a valid US green card

Does not matter if you are a US Green Card holder or not, when you have an Australian visitor visa, you can go there.

If you are a citizen of a country whose citizen do not need a visa to visit Japan, then you are fine; Green card does not waive visa requirement for Japan.

You mean American green card? If you have you American passport, you don't need a visa to enter Mexico.

Yes. Your green card is irrelevant to your visa requirement. So says the colombian embassy in usa

Years. But if you let that tourist visa expire and you are still in the country, you will never get the green card. Keep your visa current!

Yes--you need a visa now--My wife is from China00and has a American Green Card she was forced to go back home because she did not have a visa!

No. Getting married doesn't give a green card. If the marriage is not a marriage for other than getting the green card it is illegal and against federal laws.

It is green card lottery officially called diversity visa program

The Green Card is irrelevant. Whether you need a visa for the various countries of Europe depends entirely on your nationality and that of your passport.

A green card allows a person to live and work here. A visa allows a person to visit for a set period of time and go home.

Americans do not need a visa to enter Costa Rica. Costa rican require a visa or green card to stay and work in US.

Doesn't matter if you have a green card. It depends on your nationality.

You will need either permanent residency (green card), or a work visa.

Yes and no. Entering in ukraine depends on your citizenship not your green card.

To be honest it depends on where you are from and what country has granted you a green card. US green card holders can visit Mexico and Canada without a visa, but you still need a passport and leaving the Us for over a year can lead to having your green card taken away.

Hello, The K-1 Visa or Fiancee Visa which is good only for 90 days from the date stamped on the I-94 form when your fiancee entered the U.S. You must marry within the 90 days and once married file for Change of Status (green card). I don't think a fiancee visa can be changed. Hope that helps. DY

No. You can not be deported for an expired Green Card. You can be deported for an expired Visa. You can over-stay your Visa, it's illegal in the U.S. and pretty much every other country. However, if your Green Card has expired (which is not the same as a visa), you should go to the local INS office and renew it and do it the legal way.

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