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Yes. A grizzly bear or a brown bear can even kill and eat an adult bull moose alone, only if the bull moose is not on the rut.

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Q: Can a grizzly bear kill a moose?
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Will a grizzly bear eat a moose?

A grizzly bear would only eat a dead moose because it does not like to hunt an animal that is quite large and can fight back. Grizzly bears and black bears prefer to kill and eat weak moose, moose calf, or an injured moose. A grizzly bear can sometimes kill a moose if it was very angry and strong.

Can a bull moose kill a grizzly bear?

Yes, a bull moose could kill a grizzly bear. Bull moose on rut can kill anything that gets in its way, even a grizzly bear that is about to attack it in a manner than is very devastating. They have huge antlers that are sharper than daggers, and can be big enough to kill a grizzly bear in a single hit or two. Rutting bull moose have powerful hooves, a weight advantage, and those two huge antlers that are very strong, with an aggression in fight down attacking predators. Bull moose can stand a chance against a grizzly bear as long as the bull moose is on the rut, and is about to attack the grizzly bear. However, a grizzly bear is strong enough to injure a bull moose on the head by swiping its head with those large claws/teeth and a adequate weight strength of attacking. The bull moose would already hit the grizzly bear with its antlers, before the grizzly bear attempted to grab on the bull moose's head side to bite its throat. A bull moose can kill a black bear, a grizzly bear, a brown bear, but not really a polar bear.

Can a kodiak bear kill a moose?

Yes, if the kodiak bear avoided the moose's hooves and antlers (if it is a bull moose). Even a grizzly bear or an alaskan brown bear could kill a bull moose, but not when it is on the rut.

Can a bull moose kill a bobcat?

Yes. A bull moose could even kill a grizzly bear.

How many grizzlies would it take to kill a moose?

One attacking grizzly bear is enough to kill a moose, but those large set of antlers are good at killing a bear. The moose would do whatever to fight off the grizzly bear with antlers, hooves, and muscles on the head to fight. But since grizzly bears are so large and have deadly claws, the moose would suffer fatal injuries on its head and the antlers as well. A powerful swipe of a grizzly bear's paw can break a moose's antler or even a bull. the grizzly bear's huge jaws with sharp enough teeth can kill a moose easily.

Can a cow moose kill a grizzly bear?

It's not likely that a cow moose is able to kill a grizzly bear. She would do more injury to a bear than kill it, more from the slashes with her hooves than anything else. She won't be using her head or anything else, just her hooves to strike out with. Since moose are herbivores and prey animals, they would rather take flight over fight, and if cornered do anything they can to get away or defend itself against a large imposing predator like a grizzly bear. In the act to defend herself, either in a very fearful or panicked (or both) state, a cow moose, however, may kill a grizzly with her hooves, but it's never on purpose. Most moose (except bulls during rutting season) will not go about its business to actively kill other animals. The most likely way that a cow moose could kill a grizzly is if her hooves catches the bear in the neck and severs the jugular vein with her sharp hooves. A bear would die from its injuries if she broke its jaw or nose, making it very painful for it to eat. If a bear can't eat, it starves to death.

Is a moose heavier than a bear?

A moose is heavier than a black bear and a grizzly bear, but not a polar bear or kodiak bear.

What are some weaknesses of a grizzly bear?

Wolves, humans, and adult moose are dangerous for grizzly bears.

How many wolves does it take to kill a grizzly bear?

In most cases, a pack of wolves won't dare take on a grizzly. They know it's not worth the time and effort when they can spend their time hunting elk, deer or moose instead of trying to kill a grizzly.

Do black bears kill grizzly bears?

No. A grizzly bear is more likely to kill a black bear if they cross paths than a black bear killing a grizzly. A male black bear may kill young grizzly cubs if he comes across them, and the same if a grizzly comes across black bear cubs, but a black bear is no match to a grizzly.

Can a bear kill a moose?

Depends on the bear and the moose. Typically grizzlies and brown bears will hunt and kill moose if and when given the chance. Polar bears won't because moose don't live where polar bears live and vice versa. Black bears may come after a moose if it's large enough, but will primarily hunt moose calves over the adults. Rutting bull moose and cows protecting their calves are not to be messed with, but neither is a hungry, large grizzly or brown bear.

Who would win polar bear or moose?

The polar bear might have a chance to win because it can tear up the moose. With its strength and size advantage, a polar bear could break a moose's head with one swipe of its claws and a shatter of its horns with paws too. However, a moose would often run off from the polar bear unless if it got cornered. If that happens, the moose would try to kill the polar bear with its antlers, but the polar bear would kill it first.Probably the polar bear because when the moose tries hitting it with antlers, the polar bear would swipe its head to death.Another AnswerThe polar bear would most likely win this fight. A moose has those antlers that are strong enough to knock down a lion or a black bear with them if contacted at them. But a polar bear has those strengths and power with its claws to blow down the moose's head before the moose had a good chance to gore the polar bear to death. However, a polar bear can even kill and take down a musk ox without getting badly injured because a polar bear's size plus strength is good enough to kill such animals. A grizzly bear might also have a chance to kill a moose because the grizzly bear has been known to attack adult bull moose and kill them with their strength of claws. If a polar bear fight a moose, the polar bear would end up having a good prey to eat.

Can a wolf kill a grizzly bear?

No, because a bear is too powerful for a single wolf to kill, but a pack of wolves could kill a grizzly bear.

Who will win in a fight between a moose and a grizzly bear?

In the natural world, a grizzly bear would think twice about messing with an angry moose. A moose's sharp front hooves can seriously wound a bear enough to make him think twice about getting into a fight with such a large animal.

Can a mountain lion kill a grizzly bear?

No, a mountain lion could not kill an adult grizzly bear.

Can people kill a grizzly bear if it threatens to get in there house?

Yes they can kill a grizzly bear. I think they can kill it because its on your property i guess

What is the most dangerous animals in Montana?

A grizzly bear. In Montana, the grizzly bears can grow 9 ft tall and weigh more than half a ton. They can even kill adult bull moose.

Can an anaconda kill a grizzly bear?

I think it can if it is huge and the grizzly bear is in the water.

Can a bull moose kill a polar bear?

Maybe, but the bull moose might get badly injured if it did. Bull moose and polar bears never meet, but even if they did, the polar bear would win. It is possible for the bull moose to kill the polar bear since the bull moose has those powerful antlers and strong enough hooves that could seriously injure the polar bear. But a polar bear is more likely to win the fight because it is big enough to tear apart any sized cow/bull moose on the rut with its claws/teeth plus viciousness. Polar bears can take down bull moose when they are really angry or hungry because they are the largest, strongest predators in the world. Even large enough brown bears or grizzly bears can also take down a bull moose, but polar bears are a lot stronger than large grizzly bears. Bull moose could possibly kill a polar bear, but will get seriously hurt by the wounds from this vicious monster bear.

What bear can kill a bull moose?

No bear would dare mess with, let alone kill a bull moose on the rut.

Could a grizzly bear kill a polar bear?

No. The polar bear is larger and a more beastly killer than a grizzly bear.

How do you kill a grizzly bear?

Grab a gun and fire at its head, but do not go near the grizzly bear.

Can a grizzly bear kill a polar bear?

Likely not.

Who would win in a fight between an ox 4 lions and a grizzly bear?

Lions, especially if they are females from the same pride. The grizzly bear can defeat and kill the ox if it avoided its horns and head, but the lions will get it after the grizzly bear gets injury by the ox's body strength. If the grizzly bear attacked the 4 lions, the grizzly bear will have a chance to win because its big claws can kill 2 lions if it was strong enough to. After the lions get killed, the grizzly bear might get injured, and the ox can kill it with ease.

Could a brown bear kill a moose?

A brown bear could kill a cow moose, but not really a bull moose. If a large brown bear happened to attack a bull moose on the rut, the large brown bear would get itself mauled by the rutting bull moose. The large brown bear would be able to injure a rutting bull moose if it was very angry.