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No. California does not honor any "gun permits" from Nevada. I assume you are referring to the Nevada CCW (Concealed Carry of a Weapon) permit as Nevada does not have any actual "gun permits".


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You need to define "gun permit".

Not to own a gun. Only to carry it concealed.

California gun permits are regulated by the county sheriff. It depends on the policies of your local sheriff.

For a current, legal and correct answer, you will have to contact the California Depatment of Justice.

No, a person can not carry an unconcealed gun in public in the state of California. If a person has a concealed weapons permit they are allowed to carry the concealed gun.

IF the pawn shop is licensed as a gun dealer. Not all are.

No, California doesn't acknowledge out of state CCWs.

In California, you apply through your local county Sheriff's department. Some sheriffs are gun friendly, some are not..

I don't know about California, but in most states there is no official gun registration. You can carry a handgun in California if you have a California handgun permit, but I understand those are hard to obtain in some counties.

If you were denied for a gun permit, you probably can't get one.

No, you do not need a permit to own a gun in Texas.

It depends. Some, but only a few, states in the U.S. require a license to purchase a gun. A gun permit normally refers to a permit allowing you to carry the gun on your person in public. Some people use the terms interchangeably, but each state calls the gun permit something different. In Tennessee, it is called a "Handgun Carry Permit." In Florida, it is a "Weapons Permit."

Who was issued the first gun permit in the United States?

Yes you can get a gun permit with Adjudication Withheld..

You do not need a permit to carry a stun gun in Florida.

you do, you need a gun permit

You will have to define "gun permit". It means different things in different places. In some areas, you must have a permit to possess a gun, in some places a permit to carry a gun, and in others, a permit to carry a gun concealed. depends on the laws where you live- and we get questions from all 50 US States and multiple nations other than the US.

In order to purchase a gun you do need to pass a background check. In a number of states you are also required to carry a permit.

It depends on where you are. Most U.S. states don't require a permit to own a gun. In order to carry a gun, you need a permit in some states, but each state sets its own laws on how to get a permit, so it depends on where you are.

First, we'd need to know what you meant by "gun permit". If you're referring to a concealed carry permit, there is no such permit covering all 48 states.

In the United States, no, a permit is not required to purchase or shoot an airsoft gun.

Not legally. Florida requires a permit to carry a gun on your person in public.

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