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I believe the heart can be compressed without outright failure, but anything that impedes the heart's motion is extremely dangerous. The heart cannot be outside the rib cage unless the rib cage were to be suddenly torn away in some sort of accident.

Liasdaughter agrees and adds:

The heart also can be on the right side instead of the more usual left. But, those persons are born that way.

Heart position can vary enourmasely from the very slight tilting( causing axis deviation) to dextracardia, where the heart is on the other side of the chest. All can be normal for the person.

Ayraayra: I would also like to add that left sided heart failure can cause hypertrophy which means the size increases which can then slightly displace your heart more towards the left side.

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Q: Can a heart be slightly twisted or in the wrong position like outside the rib cage?
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How do you locate your heart?

The heart is located slightly to the left side of the ribcage. It cannot be morphologically located. You are at a better position to locate the position of your own heart with a stethoscope. This device helps you in locating the heart by listening to the heart beat. Where the beats are most prominent your heart should be right beneath it. The heart is located in the center of the chest half way between the nipples in case of men. It is slightly tilted to the left.

Where can one purchase twisted heart clothing?

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Is the heart in the front or in the back?

Heart is in frontol regeion of the chest having its position in the center but slightly shifted towards the left ,protcted by sternum and ribs

Is the apex of the heart slightly below the clavicle?

No, the apex of the heart is significantly below the clavicle. The base of the heart is slightly below the clavicle.

What is the weight of a woman heart?

The average womens heart is 3.6kg. Where as a male's is slightly larger at 4.4kg. The average womens heart is 3.6kg. Where as a male's is slightly larger at 4.4kg. The average womens heart is 3.6kg. Where as a male's is slightly larger at 4.4kg.

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Where do you find the heart in your body?

in your chest slightly over to the left, very slightly.

What is the outside layer of the heart called?

The epicardium is the outer layer of the heart (whereas the outside sac containing the heart is called the pericardium).

Choose the directional term the sternum is what to the heart?

above (slightly slightly to the right also)

Describe the heart and its position in the body?

Important organ that is made out of muscle tissue that pumps blood through the body and its in the center of your body but its tilted(top part) to the left slightly.

How does short term exercise affect the heart?

It makes the heart pump slightly faster

How do you describe the position of heart and stomach?

The position of the heart and stomach are based on their location in the abdomen and chest. The heart is near the center of the chest, while the stomach is on the bottom left of the rib cage. There is no better way to describe the position of these organs.

Which is bigger a sheep heart or kidney?

A sheeps heart is slightly bigger than a sheeps kidney.

Should there be fat on the outside of the heart?

No, can cause heart attacks -VAPOREON

What is the external heart of honor?

When a heart is outside the body, and the body dies.

What is the medical term meaning condition of when the heart position is reversed?

Situs inversus is the medical term meaning reversal of the normal position of the heart.

The membrane on the outside of the heart is the?


What is slightly enlarge heart?

The heart enlarges to compensate for conditions in the body that affect heart flow and functions of the heart. It would be more telling to know which side of the heart is enlarged or if the whole heart.

The heart is located in what region of the chest?

The heart is located in the mediastium thoracic cavity, slightly left of the midline.

What causes the heart to circulate?

The heart does not circulate, it stays in one position in the body.

What position is the heart to the rib cage?

the heart is medial/proximal to the rib cage

Why are the arteries found on the outside of the heart?

Because the arteries have to carry blood to the heart

What side of your body is your heart?

Slightly off center to the left.

What size is a lamb's heart?

A lamb's heart is slightly smaller than the human heart. The exact size varies on the size of the lamb and the age.

What is the apex of the heart?

The apex of the heart is the lowest superficial part of the heart. the only thing outside of the apex is the pericardium.

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