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yes, actually, it might. considering there are many nerve endings in thenose, and for the fact that your nose has many sensory receptors... have you ever been slapped in the nose before? well, if that hurts, then getting HIT is going to cause some type of head trauma

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โˆ™ 2006-07-24 22:39:57
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Q: Can a hit to the bridge of your nose cause a mild concussion?
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Can a mild concussion to the forehead cause nose bleeds a week after the injury?

I would think so, but GO SEE YOUR DOCTOR.

What bone is the bridge of nose?

Cartilage is present in the bridge of nose.

If you are hit in the side of the nose can it cause a concussion?

It doesn't seem likely. The nose is not a bony processes, so a sideways blow that hits only cartilage is unlikley to move the skull hard enough to acctually concuss. If the bony parts of the skull were hit, of course, the odds on concussion go up.

Is the bridge of the nose medial to the eye?

The bridge of the nose is medial to the eye. The eyes are lateral to the nose.

What is the Bridge of the nose formed by?

The bridge of nose is formed by tow Nasal Bones.

What is wrong with The Undertaker?

He's out with a concussion and a broken nose, but he will be back soon.

What is the smallest bridge in the world?

the bridge of a nose

Where on your body will you find the bridge?

The bridge of your nose.

Can a concussion cause severe nose bleeds?

If you have a bad enough bruise on the brain it could. You should go to the doctor and have a scan done, to make sure that you are not bleeding severly.

How did WWE undertaker get injuried?

He broke a bone. he suffered a broken nose and a concussion.

What kind of nose has a prominent bridge?

a roman nose

If you get hit with a football in the face and your nose bleeds can you get a concussion?

Yes, if the hit to the head is hard enough. I personally threw a pass that hit a friend hard enough to give him a concussion. We had to take him to the campus clinic. They diagnosed him with a concussion.

In what part of the body would you find a bridge?

The nose is where you would find a bridge on the body. The nasal bridge is the bony structure across the nasal bones located at the top of the nose.

Bridge of nose?


What is a roman nose on a goat?

It is a curved bridge rising on the bridge.

What are the correct names of nose piercings?

there are 3 different types of nose piercings. a nostril piercing, septum piercing (through the septum of your nose), and bridge piercing (placed on the upper bridge of your nose)

Did undertaker die on memorial weekend?

No but i think he broke his orbital bone and nose as well as a concussion

Did WWE undertaker pass away?

no he did not he suffered a broken orbital bone, a concussion, and a broken nose

Would you rather have mild sunburn on your nose or your nose not sunburned but looking like its peeling?

i would have a peeling nose.

Bridge of nose bone?

no, its cartilage

Do you have cartilage in the bridge of your nose?


Will undertaker come back at summerslam 2010?

Sadly no he broke his orbit bone ,a broken nose and a concussion.

Where on your body wold you find a bridge?

your nose.

What is the bridge of the nose called?

The nasal bone. The bridge of the nose is created by the join in between the nasal bone from each side. This join is called the nasion.

Does HIV cause nose bleeds?

does hiv cause nose bleed