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Yes it might cause a misscarriage....If you have just gotten pregnant it might lead to an egg getting ripped of the wall of the uterus. When you are already in your 6th month, and you get hit that might damage the brain of the baby and it might die.

If this an attempt to a home abortion you should know you can hurt the fetus but not kill it and it would be illegal. You will get hurt too with organs rupture and bleeding that follows. So if it's an abortion you want do it the right way and contact a clinic. If money is the problem there are ways. See related link below.

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Q: Can a hit to the stomach cause a miscarriage?
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Can a hit to the stomach cause a miscarriage in the early stages of pregnancy?

if you did well than yes

If you get punched in the stomach 8 weeks will this cause a miscarriage?

It could if it hit the baby or it could just cause severe brain damage. That may not be the reason why you have a miscarriage, regardless of whether you were hit or not.

How early in pregnancy can a hit in the stomach cause a miscarriage?

Possibly sometime in second or third trimester. In the first trimester the embryo is so little and well protected. But a hit in the stomach rarely does it.

Does sleeping on your stomach when you are 3 months pregnant cause miscarriage?


Does laying or sleeping on your stomach when you are 3 months cause a miscarriage?


Does getting punched in the stomach at 4 weeks pregnant cause miscarriage?


Can you lose your baby if you get into a fight?

If you get hit in the stomach then you can easily damage the baby, or even have a miscarriage.

You feel a ball in your stomach thinking your pg then you get hit in the stomach have abnormal cycle then you go to lay on your stomach again you don't feel the ball did you have a miscarriage?


Can getting hit hard cause a miscarriage?

no, unless you got hit by chuck norris.

Can constant pressure on the stomach cause miscarriage at 6 months?

No, the fetus is safe inside.

If your hit in the lower stomach can you have a miscarriage?

The fetus is very well protected in there so to cause a miscarriage would probably mean the woman would get hurt too if you had to hit that hard. If you hit hard enough later in the pregnancy, there's a risk the uterus can burst which can lead to the woman dying if she doesn't get to a hospital in time.

Miscarriage due to abdominal trauma?

Yes, you can miscarriage due to trauma but it has to be a significant amount and will harm the mother. There is an old wives tale that a punch in the stomach will cause a miscarriage, it is not accurate.

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