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Yes, The insurance company will generally have underwriting guidelines for every policy coverage line they offer. If Galvanized pipes do not fit the underwriting guide then your home simply does not or no longer qualifies for that particular insurance program.

Galvanized water pipes are no longer used in home construction. Older homes that were built in times when galvanized pipes were considered acceptable, should be updated to ensure that your home qualifies for future coverage offerings.

Occasional home updates are considered part of the homeowners usual and expected maintenance routine.

Insurance companies can non-renew policies due to number of claims, type of claims, or change in risk. They especially do not like broken waterpipes, theft/vandalism and fire. They are not supposed to cancel policies due to weather-related events (acts of nature) over which you have no control.

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Q: Can a home insurance policy be cancelled due to galvanized pipes?
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