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Yes, The insurance company will generally have underwriting guidelines for every policy coverage line they offer. If Galvanized pipes do not fit the underwriting guide then your home simply does not or no longer qualifies for that particular insurance program.

Galvanized water pipes are no longer used in home construction. Older homes that were built in times when galvanized pipes were considered acceptable, should be updated to ensure that your home qualifies for future coverage offerings.

Occasional home updates are considered part of the homeowners usual and expected maintenance routine.

Insurance companies can non-renew policies due to number of claims, type of claims, or change in risk. They especially do not like broken waterpipes, theft/vandalism and fire. They are not supposed to cancel policies due to weather-related events (acts of nature) over which you have no control.

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Q: Can a home insurance policy be cancelled due to galvanized pipes?
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Why are galvanized pipes a reason for your homeowners insurance to cancel on you?

Galvanized pipes are no longer used for home plumbing purposes. If you home still have galvanized pipes in you home then it indicates that your plumbing has likely never been updated.

Can you combine galvanized pipes and PVC pipes?

Yes you can.

When did homes stop using galvanized pipes for water?

Galvanized pipes were the standard up until the 1970's.

Does insurance cover damage caused by bursting pipes?

Heck Yeah UNLESS your policy does not cover it

Should the galvanized pipes in your home be rusting after 19 years?

Depends on the water quality and what type of galvanized piping was used

How do you fix the old galvanized water pipes that are rusted in your house?

you should not fix rusted pipes. they should be replaced

Can galvanized pipes be used in wells?

WHY CERTAINLY if you have the proper PH level

What is the price for replacing galvanized pipes?

$89. 73 per FT

What tool do you use to thread galvanized water pipes?

Threading machine

What is GI pipes?

galvanized iron pipes commonly used on water pipe lines, it is dipped into zinc for corrosion protection

Features drains metal pipes etc?

The drain metal pipes are usually coated and galvanized because of the hard water.

Does homeowners insurance cover sprinkler system?

Your homeowners insurance should cover damage to your sprinkler system if the cause of the damage is covered by your homeowners insurance policy such as fire, lightning, freezing of pipes, etc. Homeowners insurance is not a maintenance policy and will not cover mechanical failure of your system.

Can you use galvanized metal for exhaust pipes?

Yes you can thats what they used to be made out of

What about PVC and galvanized pipes is it okay to connect?

Yes, with an approved adapter fitting.

Can you buy insurance for underground sewer pipes?

Yes you can, but it will cost you much much more than the average home insurance policy.Best Option would be to have purchased an HO3 or an Ho5 policy ALL Risk aka, Broad coverage policy. If the damage has already occurred, then it would be too late to switch as it would be considered pre-existing damage under the new policy.

What are the differences between Galvanized pipe and black steel pipes?

Galvanized is for water, doesn't rust. Black is for gas. The pipe is the same, just coated differently.

Can an electric hot water heater be used with galvanized pipes?

Not recommended as galvanized piping plugs with rust really quick and eats through the walls of the pipe.

What metal is old and used for plumbing pipes?

galvanized water lines, cast iron drain lines, sometimes lead pipes, terracotta or clay pipes, and in rare cases wooden pipes.

What are plumbing pipes made out of?

Cast Iron, galvanized wrought ,galvanized steel , copper ,brass , lead, various types of plastics, black steel, Pryex, Durion

What is oxidizing in your plumbing?

oxidizing is the gain or loss of an oxygen molecule. for example if you have an older plumbing system with galvanized iron pipes, your pipes are probably beginning to become rusty which is the galvanized iron pipe oxidizing. in copper pipeing oxidizing is much less trouble and costly. oxzidation of copper pipes is the discoloration of the exterior of the pipe.

Is leaking pipes inside the wall covered in condo insurance?

it varies from state to state. In Florida, the condo associations insurance would cover that as long as the policy was "special form" if it is in "basic form" than the Difference in Condition policy would respond.

What kind of metals are used in showers?

Chrome, Brass, Stainless Steel, Galvanized (old pipes), Copper & Nickel.

What are two main types of pipes?

For supply, it is copper and galvanized iron. For waste, ABS (plastic) or cast iron.

What is the effect of hydraulic fluid on galvanized pipes?

galvanised material may flake off and set into moving part

What chemical reactions will happen if you connect galvinized copper and brass metal pipes?

There is no chemical reaction that will happen if galvanized pipes are connected to copper pipes via a brass intermediary. The reason is that brass does not react to either copper or zinc, the mineral used to galvanize metal pipes.