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Yes, a horse can have twins. It is rare, and dangerous for both the mare and the foals. A mare pregnant with twins will usually abort both fetuses at about five to eight months. very rarely but if it does happen 1 of the foals most likely will die also there is only a one in 10000 chance that there will be twins :-))

Added: in most cases a vet will recommend to abort one of the twins to save the life of the other. Occasionally equine twins are born without issues, but it is very rare. Both foals can be healthy at birth, and that's common when a mare has twins.

If a mare is fed too much while in foal with twins the foals will grow too big and she will lose them and/or die Also if both are born healthy one will have to be bottle fed as the mare doesn't have enough milk for both.

It can also occur mare has triples, but it happened only few times (no more then 5) in the world. None of them ended good. ^^

2009-09-01 13:08:00
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Q: Can a horse give birth to more than one foal at a time?
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How does a mare give birth to twins?

Just like she would give birth to one foal. Only instead of being done, there's one more to push out.

Can ponies give birth to more than one?

Ponies can give birth to more than one foal, but the chance that both embryos will survive and be birthed successfully is very low. It does happen occasionally.

How small are Clydesdale ponies when there born?

Clydesdale's are not a pony but a large Draft horse a draft foal can weight 200 pounds or more at birth.

If a horse is younger than 14 hours what is it called?

A horse is called a foal from the moment it is born until it is weaned when it becomes a weanling. For a more descriptive term you can use colt foal for a male and filly foal for a female.

What do you call a female horse child?

A be more specific - a Filly

What happens if a horse goes past their date to foal?

the foal could be dead or there maturing more. Sometimes its a sign of twins.

If a black horse and a chestnut horse bred together what colour would the foal be?

You would get a Black Foal since the coat colour Black is more dominent than Chestnut!

Does foal mean one?

A 'foal' is a young horse - under 1 year of age. The plural (for more than one) is 'foals'.

What happens if your horse is ready to give birth but the EC she's boarded at doesn't have a vet?

Nothing. The horse gives birth normally so long as you have the necessary money to pay the vet, even in the horse is in an EC that doesn't have a vet. It is more expensive to give birth when the EC that the horse in boarded in does not have a vet.

If a horse is left to foal without a vet will the foal die on howrse?

If you can afford a vet that is probably best but, horses give birth all the time in the wild. Granted some don't make it and probably more often than the ones who have a vet assist but, there are a lot of wild horses (and zebras) out there getting along pretty well.

Is there more than one wild foal on wii petz horse club?

No, I'm pretty sure there is only one wild foal.

What is the offspring of horse?

A foal is the offspring of a horse but if you must be more specific a girl baby is a philly and a boy baby is a colt.

Can a mare have more than one foal at a time?

Yes there can be more than one horse born at a time but it is most likely that one or both of them will not survive birth. For more information, see Related Questions, below.

What is the name for a newborn horse?

A newborn horse is called a foal.To be more specific a female would be a filly and a male would be a colt

Can a horse give birth to 2 babies?

yes a horse can give birth to 2 babies but its rare it does not really happen with selected breeding as sometimes if a mare is pregnant with more than one then sometimes one will be removed to give the remaining baby a better chance of survival, but in the wild they do sometimes have more than one

How long does a female horse take to have a young horse?

A mare will usually have a foal after 11 months. It is common for horses to be a few weeks early or late, and mares VERY RARELY have more than one foal(such as twins). If they do, the smaller foal is almost always going to be smaller are more under-developed. This is caused by one foal taking most of the nutrients, leaving the smaller with very little, making surviving hard. Even in captivity, a twined foal may not survive.

Does it make a difference whether a mare has had a foal or not if you want to jump her?

dont think so my old horse had a foal and my riding teacher has her now as i wanted more of a challenge but she is competed and everything.

Who is the best to take care of a baby or an adult horse?

A horse trainer and/or a horse boarding facility is more likely to be able to care for any age horse from a foal through the pasture buddy years of later life.

Can a draft horse how more than 1 foal?

Of course. It could have twins (Although you don't see it very often) and it could also have a foal one year, then another one the next year.

How many foals does a mustang have in the wild?

all horses, wild or domesticated, will usually only have one foal it is very rare that any horse will have two foals, and usually one or both won't survive if there is more than one foal born at a time. but it is possible for horses to have more than one foal.

What color foal will you get if you breed a black horse with a bay horse?

Most likely a black foal, but he could change color when the foal turns 3 yrs. old. The above comment is incorrect. Black and bay colors are based totally on genetics. A black horse can genetically be: EEaa or Eeaa and a bay horse can be EEAa, EEAA, EeAa, or EeAA. When you combine these you get these options - Bay 70.3%, Black 23.4% and chestnut 6.25% check out: for more information. If you know more about the horses genetic makeup you can have a better idea of what they will throw!

Do headers give a car more power?

They do give more horse power

What breed of a horse will you get if you breed a paint - quarter horse with a thoroughbred?

When you cross a quarter horse and a thoroughbred, you will get an appendix quarter horse. The paint may or may not come out in the foal. That is all in the genetics, and I would need more info to tell you that.

Can a horse have more then two kids?

yes, they can be bred more than twice, if that is what you are asking. if you are asking if it can have more than one foal at once, then yes they can, but it is very rare. <3lm.

What if your horse is pregnant how can you tell?

if you suspect that your horse is pregnant (in foal) ask your vet to perform a pregnancy test. this is obviously the easiest way to find out. mares may have a slightly different temprement.. more moody or more docile. they may be irritated when you touch their tummy. all horses react differently when they are in foal. i would suggest just do a test