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A human can indeed eat a mouse. Humans do not typically eat mice because there is not enough meat on a mouse to feed a human.

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โˆ™ 2014-07-03 18:33:42
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Q: Can a human eat a mouse?
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Does mouse eat snake?

no snake eat mouse

Why do cats eat human hair?

Because they like how it is in little strings, like a mouse tail! thats why they they and eat skinny things!

Does a mouse just eat cheese?

no not at all he can eat anything a human can but some food is bad like onions oranges etc.

Can a mouse eat grass?

Yes, a mouse can eat a grass.

Can a mouse eat a cricket?

yes a mouse can eat a cricket

What do cotton mouse eat?

What cotton mouse eat is seeds and insects.

Will a prairie lizard eat a mouse?

No. They eat insets. A tarantula would eat a baby mouse.

Would a mouse eat grass?

Yes, a mouse would eat grass.

Is a mouse a human?

no its not

Would a mouse eat a seed?

If the mouse can fit it in its mouth and not choke on it when it swollows it, then yes, a mouse would eat a seed.

Does a mouse have a prey?

No . The mouse will eat grain and cheese . Although the mouse species is known as a vegetarian , they also eat fruits .

Will a male mouse eat mouse babies?

Mouse parents will eat their pups if they are sick, there are too many, or for a variety of other reasons.

Will the mother mouse abandon the babies if you touch them?

If the mouse is a pet mouse and not a wild mouse, no. The pet mouse will not have the fear of human scent.

What mouse won't eat cheese?

The computer mouse.

Does a snake mouse?

They eat mice but they dont mouse

What mouse doesn't eat cheese?

A computer mouse

Do mouse eat blueberry vine?

a mouse will eat any edible food he comes acrros to.

Can a plant eat a mouse?

yea a plnt can eat a mouse it is called a venus fly trap

What do mouse deer eat?

They eat plants

Can a woodpecker eat a mouse?

No. They eat insects.

What if puppy eats a mouse?

better your dog eats a mouse then a mouse eat your dog

Does a mouse eat a weasel?

No, a mouse is main prey for a weasel

Do mouse eat cheese?

Yes they do but computer mouse don't .

What does micky mouse eat?

he eats cheese he's a mouse

What food does Minnie Mouse eat?

cheese of course, she is a mouse!