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Yes planes are frequently hit by lightning.

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Is a jet as fast as lightning?

A high-speed jet is nowhere near as fast as a lightning bolt.

Why are there different lightning types?

There are different types of lightning depending on how the lightning reflects off the clouds. There is normal lightning, sheet lightning, heat lightning, ball lightning, red sprite lightning, and blue jet lightning.

What was the first Jet bomber?

The Arado 234 Blitz (lightning)

Does all lightning hit the ground?

No. There is cloud to cloud lightning.

What Should You Never Do In a Lightning storm?

Never stand under a tree, it can get hit by lightning, and you can get hit too!

Why it is not a good idea to stand outside in a thunderstorm and wait for lightning to strike?

There's a big chance you could get struck by lightning. Or hit by a tree that is hit by lightning.

Will you die if you get hit by lightning?

maybe. many people survive lightning strikes.

What is twin lightning?

It is when to lightning thingys are the same and hit the ground at the same time.

Does lightning always hit ground?

No. Not every lightning bolt makes it to Earth.

Why do green trees burn when hit by lightning?

because lightning attracts to wood

What is the purpose of a lightning rode?

A lighting rod is supposed to attract lightning so it doesnt hit something else. eg. It's raining and you have a lightning rod on the top of your hous. Lightning will hit the rod instead of hitting the house.

Would being hit by lightning by consider a cause of astraphobia?

Yes. Astraphobia, or the fear of thunder and lightning could be the result of being hit, if you survive the hit tho.

What is the importance of the lightning rod that Benjamin Franklin invented?

The lightning rod prevents ships and buildings from being hit by lightning.

Does lighting hit something everytime it strikes?

Lightning does not hit something every time it strikes. There are various forms of lightning. Lightning that is classified as "cloud to ground" lightning will strike something in it's path. Another form of lightning is sheet lightning. This type of lighting illuminates the sky and spreads from cloud to cloud.

How hard does lightning hit?

Being struck by lightning is unlike a physical blow. there is no 'hardness' to it.

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