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A judge is the only one who can issue a warrent for arrest.

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Can the repo man issue a warrant for my arrest?

A repo man can not issue a warrant for your arrest. Only a judge can issue an official arrest warrant.

Can a police officer release you and later issue a warrant for your arrest?

No, a police officer cannot issue a warrant for your arrest only a judge or court magistrate can do that.

Who can issue an arrest warrant in SC?

Depending on the charge specified in the warrant: A Justice of The Peace - a Magistrate or - a Judge.

What happens if you fail to appear for a contempt of court hearing?

The judge can issue a warrant for your arrest.

How long does it takes for a judge to issue a bench warrant for child support?

A judge can issue a bench warrant for the arrest of any dead beat parent at any time after it is reported to the judge that the parent is a dead beat parent.

What happens if defendant doesnt show for court?

In all probablity the judge will issue a warrant for his/her arrest.

Can a judge issue a warrant for your arrest if you don't show up for court for a judgment against you?


Does the car dealer have the rights to issue an arrest warrant for a car repossession?

Car dealers cannot issue arrest warrants only judges can do that. If there is an arrest warrant then you have broken some kind of law and the dealer has petitioned a judge or filed criminal charges and the police or marshalls office will carry out the warrant.

What evidence do cops need to make an arrest?

In most jurisdictions, an arrest warrant is needed. An arrest warrant is issued by a judge when an officer can provide the judge with enough probable cause to satisfy the judge who will sign the warrant. An arrest can be made without a warrant when an officer witnesses the commission of a crime.

What are the procedures for officer to get an arrest warrant?

Generally an officer must show just or probable cause to a magistrate or judge who will issue and sign a warrant.

What happens if you don't show up to court as a witness after you get summoned?

The judge can issue a bench warrant for your arrest.

Can a business send a police out to issue a warrant for your arrest?

Yes and no. A business can accuse you of a crime, just as an individual can accuse you of a crime, but they cannot issue an arrest warrant without a judge. It depends on the business and how much pull they have with the local law.

How can issue a warrant?

You need a judge to issue one. You need to provide a judge with the information you are basing they need for a warrant (probable cause) and if the judge is satisfied with the information, he/she will issue the warrant.

What is a warrant?

A warrant is an order from a judge to search for something or to arrest a person.

Can a payday loan company issue a warrant for your arrest for defaulting on a loan?

No. Only the court (Judges) may issue a warrant for someone's arrest. No lender may have you arrested for not paying a loan, however, if you don't show up to court (or have legal representation at court), the judge may issue a bench warrant for your arrest (with the intention of getting you in front of the court, not to put you in jail). If the default, however, is subsequently believed to be a result of fraud, the judge may pass the particulars of the case to a prosecutor who will likely request a warrant for your arrest. In this case, the warrant is meant to hold you for trial in criminal court.

How can an arrest warrant be corrected?

An arrest warrent can only be changed by a judge.

Can you put out a warrant for someone else arrest?

No. A warrant is issued by a magistrate or judge.

Can a court issue an arrest warrant on an unpaid traffic ticket 5 years after the offense in Texas?

In Ohio, if convicted of a traffic offense, fines and court costs due and not paid by the Plea date (03/16/06) it is up to the Judge to decide. The Judge can order a license suspension and issue a warrant for arrest that day.

How long after a search warrant before an arrest warrant is issued?

There is no specified timeframe. An arrest warrant will be issued when the 'probable cause' is sufficient to present to a judge.

Who can give arrest warrant?

a cop and/or a judge out of his/her files

If a Police officer in NY stops someone that has a Felony warrant can that officer arrest him on that warrant?

Yes, of course. An arrest warrant is a command from a judge to arrest a person. Usually a police officer has no choice and must arrest.

Who among the following may issue a warrant of arrest or a search warrant?

You failed to list "the following"- it did not follow you. The answer will vary slightly at different places, but the general answer would a judge or magistrate.

Can a warrant be issued for your arrest for an unpaid parking ticket in Durango co?

A warrant will not be issued for your arrest for an unpaid parking ticket. If you have an unpaid speeding ticket, they may issue a warrant for your arrest.

Warrant for arrest issued but Why?

A warrant for arrest is issued through the court. The reasoning for the warrant being issued is for the illegal act committed by the criminal. The criminal commits an illegal act then the police department, sheriffs department, probation office, division of youth services, or juvenile office reports the illegal act to the court and the judge will or will not issue a warrant for the persons arrest.

What is the difference between a Judge versus magistrate?

It will vary state to state. In my home state of Virginia, a judge has the power to try cases and impose punishment. A magistrate has the authority to issue a search warrant or an arrest warrant, and to set bail.

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