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The lab should be able to.

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Q: Can a labtell the difference between an 2 year olds urine and a 30 year olds urine?
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Is there a difference between a 13 year olds urine and a 18 year olds urine?

There should be no difference in the color or amount of urine for teens or adults. Urine should be a clear yellow to light amber color. If it is darker, the person has probably not had enough fluids.

Can a lab tell the difference between an 11 year olds urine and a 17 year olds urine?

yes. the nose of a lab can tell the different between the pee coming from an old human and a young one because of the warmness, coldness. it can tell if its warm like the beer it just had or cold like ice cream like he just had last night when he took it off the table from the 4 year old that went to the bath room.

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