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No. Laser light is coherent. Light bulb light is not.


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Anything that is man made, like a light bulb, laser, floodlight etc.

It is extremely coherent and focussed, not scattered like, say a light bulb.

A light bulb is made from ukraine by 2000 workers that die per bulb

Yes. There is a huge difference between a 1-watt laser and a 1-watt light bulb. A 1-watt laser will burn a hole in your eye.

light bulb laser head lights on car

1. Incandescent light bulb 2. Halogen light bulb 3. Compact fluorescent light bulb 4. Light emitting diode (LED) 5. Mercury vapor light bulb 6. Neon light 7. High intensity discharge lamps 8. Carbon arc lamp 9. laser 10. kerosene lamp

The filament of a light bulb made out of an element known as tungsten.

A light bulb is made out of three items. A filament produces the light, glass gives the light bulb shape and controls the brightness, and the base allows the bulb to be placed in a socket.

he made the light bulb sytem in 1886. He actually made the light bulb in 1885 to be exsact

laser light has a constant wavelength whereas regular light is made up of many wavelengths

There were three people that made the 1st light bulb. The three people that made the light bulb are Thomas Edison, Joseph Swan and Haram Maxim.

The incandescent electric light bulb was invented by Thomas A. Edison.

The light bulb was created by Thomas Alva Edison.

i think because it made light and it was a bulb

in 1856 Edison made the first light bulb :]

A laser is a parallel light source which means that it has effectively infinite object distance. a lightbulb radiates light in all directions. what other differences are you interested in?

A LASER, or Light Amplification by Simulated Emission of Radiation, and is made by causing a particular substance to emit photons, almost all of which are one wavelength. A flashlight, however, uses a light bulb, which emits light due to the filaments, and will spread out. Both, however, are forms of light.

no Tomas Edison made the light bulb

The first electric light bulb was made in 1880

They are changed by a lens in the light machine, They have a white bulb and change the slides to pass through the tiny holes to make it seem as if it was a laser.

Light bulbs are made out of glass.

It was made in the U.S.A

Electricity and a glass bulb

The first bulb was made in 1800.

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