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Yes possibly

In reality, the skimmer will not cause a leak. What causes leaks are people who do not connect or glue the fittings to the skimmer properly. Or ground movement like earthquakes.


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Q: Can a leak in an underground pool be caused by a pool skimmer?
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How do repair a leak at the skimmer area of an in ground pool?

Generally, the skimmer area of the pool can be sleeved with PVC if there is a leak

How to Fix skimmer leak in ground pool?

NO the leak is in the entrance to the skimmer, a grout line was broken when I had the pool replastered and the vibrations from the jackhammers did it. The plaster co. will not take responsibility for this. You have to actually determine that the skimmer is in fact leaking. Repair kits are available on the market just for this situation. However, the leak has to be at the very bottom or near bottom of the skimmer. Have you had a pressure test on the system?

How do you repair a leak at the skimmer?

turn the pool pump off,take off the cover of the pool skimmer box, The pool water level must be above the area where the skimmer box meets the pool wall. If it is not, add water to the pool until it is at least 1 inch above this seam.

Why do I have extremely high acid demand on gunite pool with leaks in plaster?

LEAKS! That is the key word. As you refill the pool you dilute the chemistry levels which compounds the demand for acid. Call a professional leak detection service to find the leak and have it repaired. It will only get worse. A constant leak behind the walls of the pool or at the skimmer can enlarge to a monster of a hole underground. Ken

What is a skimmer pool?

Skimmer pool is a pool with side skimmers around

If there is a sunken area in the bottom of a vinyl liner pool does this mean there is a leak?

Are you lossing a lot of water? Do you use any type pool cleaner that attached into the skimmer that bounces on the pool floor? If you do and the base is poolcrete is being better down.. and THAT could cause a hole... You may or may not have a leak but the sunken area is caused by the collapse of the sand or ground under that area of the pool allowing the liner to fill in the hole created by that collapse.

In ground pool when filled up and pump running water is leaking somewhere but will stop after it is under the skimmer could someone please tell what might be wrong?

Best guess is that there is a leak in the return pipe from the skimmer to the pump. Sorry to say its probly not a cheap fix. There also could be a leak at the gasket around the skimmer opening.

Can you run the pool without the skimmer just using the main drain for circulation if you think you have a leak in the underground pipe from the skimmer to the pump?

Sure you can. You'll need to use a net to clean the junk off the top often so it doesn't sink and cause stains or clog up the main drain.You can however it would be a good Idea to repair or replace the existing skimmer with a different method of skimming say a suction side floating skimmer as there are many materials that float to the top of a swimming pool that may be hazardous to health RB

What is a pool vacuum leak?

A pool vacuum leak could mean that there is a leak in the vacuum hose that you use to vac the pool. Or it could mean that there is a leak on the suction side of the pump. It could be located somewhere between the skimmer and the inlet of the pump. At the pump it could mean that there is a leak at the pump seal or the pump lid or a pump gasket. Some of these leaks will not produce water at those leaks they may only suck air into the system. k

How does an above ground pool skimmer work with a diagram?

diagram for skimmer for above ground pool

Why does my swimming pool pressure drop after a few minutes?

You may have a suction leak somewhere between the pool and the pump. Or, you have let the water level drop below the middle of the skimmer(s). k

Why is your pump on your above ground pool losing pressure?

You might be pulling air from the skimmer or there is a leak some place within your pump on the suction side

Do you put chemicals in skimmer basket?

Most are OK if pool is running. NEVER leave chlorine tablets in skimmer baskets of in ground pools for any length of time. High concentrations of chlorine can damage underground lines. Get a chlorinator.

When adding earth to an in ground pool do you pour it in the skimmer box or into the pool it self?

Add thru the skimmer box

How do you replace a skimmer box in an inground pool?

As skimmer boxes in in ground pools are built in this is usually a very difficult and possibly expensive operation and may well require the attention of a pool builder or repairer. However if the cost proves to be prohibitive you can replace the skimmer box with a suction side floating pool skimmer. these plug into the suction via a pool hose and take the place of the skimmer box they can be left on a short hose or a long one and be positioned or left to float freely in the pool. they are in fact a far better skimmer then the existing static skimmer box.

What could cause your inground pool to lose water while the pump is on?

Your pool is "most" likely to lose water "while" the pump is running. First check the pump & pipes around the pump to make sure there is no visible water. If the leak isn't obvious, there is a good chance your pool is leaking from the skimmer, the skimmer face plates, the water jets, or several other locations. The following web site ("") helped me find several leaks in my pool and saved me the trouble and frustration of calling an expensive pool professional. Good luck. I have a leak that loses more water with the pump running. Had a leak guy out several days ago and he found the leak to be in my return line. Cost: $800.00 to replace the line. Includes digging up my concrete and replacing it.

Looking for a old type floating pool skimmer 5 wide The in-ground pool was built in 1965.?

Google Aladdin pool equipment ( Lilly Pad skimmer)

Why do you add algae control to the pool skimmer?

Adding algae control to the pool skimmer helps to disperse the chemical and coats the filter media.

When you do want to use the skimmer vs the drain on an inground pool?

The skimmer is the healthiest method for removing water from a pool for filtration at all times

Why does pool skimmer's weir door get stuck?

Could be the water level of the pool is too low. Top up with the hose into the skimmer basket.

How do you rid your pool of bugs?

with a skimmer! . . . . . or fill your pool with acid.

How do you seal a pool leak?

If the leak is in the plumbing, you can get a qualified leak detection company repair the broken pipe, skimmer, or other area where the leak exists. If the leak is in the surface of the pool (such as a hole, or through cracks in the surface), coating the pool with a new fiberglass surface is your best bet. Fiberglass can be applied over plaster, aggregate (pebble-tec), vinyl liners, and virtually any other surface. You can see a video here: is the best answer you can ever get!! does this answer your question?

How do you unclog the pipe from the skimmer to the filter on a underground pool?

Typically, You rent a "snake" at a do it yourself rental store. It is a cable that is inserted it the pipe and twisted and removes any foreign matter.

How hard is it to replace a skimmer in an above ground pool?

If you can get the right skimmer you should not have too much of a problem However if you cant get a replacement you may be able to get out of it by getting a floating pool skimmer with inline leaf basket.

How do you replace an above ground pool skimmer gasket?

Drain the pool until the water level reaches two inches below the skimmer faceplate , remove the face plate using a screwdriver , remove the faceplate and skimmer , then replace the gasket and attach the skimmer and then the faceplate