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The finance company has to have a contract signed by you. If they change something it has to be initialed by the customer. Unfortunatly, to fight this you would need to contact a lawyer which would probably cost more than $300.

It is absolutely wrong for them to change a legal document after the fact of it being signed by the customer, but I have never seen a contract that actually states a grace period for repossession.

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Q: Can a lender revise his contract without contacting the debtor?
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What is the definition of corporate guarantee?

A Corporate Guarantee is a guarantee in which a corporation agrees to be held responsible for completing the duties and obligations of a debtor to a lender, in the event that the debtor fails to fulfill the terms of the corporate guarantee.It is also known as debtor-lender shylendri

Can a debtor return goods?

a debtor may return goods if the contract which established the obligor (debtor) and obligee (lender) provides that the return of goods satisfies and therefore executes the contract in lieu of providing the method of exchange formerly discussed as acceptable

What is the statute of limitations on collection of a mortgage loan debt in Texas?

A mortgage is a contract under civil law between the debtor and the lender. To my knowledge there is no statutory limit on its effectiveness.

Who should the debtor pay when an account is sold by the original creditor to another lender or collector?

Yes, the debt still stands. It's how debt collectors stay in busniess. When the debt or account is sold, the debt isn't erased, merely transferred. In essence, the original lender has sold the whole contract. * The debtor makes any payment agreement with the collector not the original creditor.

What is the difference in a cosigner and a guarantor?

A cosigner signs the debt agreement and the lender can demand payment from both the debtor and the cosigner. A guarantor does not sign and the lender needs to go through the debtor before demanding payment from a guarantor.

How can you get out of a promissory note?

If you are the debtor you must pay the debt and have the lender sign a release.

If you pay partial on your car loan can they repossess your car?

Yes, the lender/lending institution is not legally obligated to accept partial payment on a contract. Likewise the lender can accept the payment, apply it to the debt accordingly and still file suit, although once the suit has been filed the lender cannot continue to accept the borrower's money unless the lender dismisses the suit. Any lender can sue for debt owed when the original contract is defaulted upon. The laws of the debtor's state determine procedures for creditor vs. debtor civil lawsuits.

If a contract require a signer and cosigner and the cosigner has not signed is the contract valid?

No. If the lender requires a co-signer and that co-signer doesn't sign the note then the lender will not pay over the proceeds of the loan. Without the co-signer's signature the contract is not valid.

Can a debt incurred in Pennsylvania be collected on in Florida?

Yes, the lender/creditor can sue the debtor in the state court in the county where the debtor resides for the debt owed regardless of where that debt was incurred. In some cases, the lender/creditor can send the defaulted account to the National Board of Arbitration bypassing the usual court procedure of a lawsuit. The debtor will be notified in advance of any litigation the lender/creditor chooses to take.

How do you find out if someone elses vehicle has been repossessed?

"YOU" dont, the debtor does. call the lender.

If a debt is not reaffirmed by a creditor is the debt discharged in a bankruptcy?

The creditor is the lender. The bankrupt is the debtor. The lender never has to re-affirm he wants to get paid back.

How long after you dont pay your car payment is a car repossessed?

Depends on the contract you signed with the lender. Read your contract. The lender does not want to repossess your car. Contact the lender immediately and work this out. The worse thing you can do is not do anything. Let your car be repossessed and you will ruin your credit for 7 years and pay the difference in what the lender sells the car for an the balance on the note. Bad idea. Work it out!Depends on the contract you signed with the lender. Read your contract. The lender does not want to repossess your car. Contact the lender immediately and work this out. The worse thing you can do is not do anything. Let your car be repossessed and you will ruin your credit for 7 years and pay the difference in what the lender sells the car for an the balance on the note. Bad idea. Work it out!

Can you find an example of a debtor lender relationship that was jeopardized by hyperinflation?

mr rostron said that '' company A owes company B £400 THERFORE company A becomes a DEBTOR.

Can a lender charge a fee for a repo vehicle without showing proof of collection or how fee was calculated or if they drove the car does that fee have to be disclosed in contract?

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What are the Consequences of leaving the country without paying back loan from high street lender?

Well it is very difficult for the lender to chase after a debtor who resides in another country. However, it is possible to pursue a case for fraud. Taking a loan out with no intention of paying back the loan is fraud.

How do you find out the date of a repossession?

If you are the debtor, you could ask the lender or the PD in the city/town where the repo occured.

Will SAFCO garnish your wages for a 12000 repossession?

Any lender has to get a judgment before they can garnishee anyones wages.Then the debtor has to have wages before any lender can garnishee them. It is up to the lender whether or not they go that route in the collection process.

Does a finance company have the right to back out of a contract after 10 days?

You need to review the contract to determine what rights the lender reserved in that contract.

Can a lender repossess a vehicle without reaffirming the original lending agreement with the borrower?

Yes. Once the original contract is in default the lender can begin repossession proceedings under the UCC laws. In the majority of US states the lender does not need to notify the borrower or obtain a replevin order from the court.

Your auto loan was 70 days delinquent and rolled over that way for a year as you continued to make payments. The creditor charged it off without contacting you as you paid off the loan. Legal?

Possibly, if the loan was not reaffirmed with the lender. The lender usually reserves the right to charge off the loan if it has been defaulted either in entirety or partially for 180 days. The exception would be if the borrower has proof of a material breach of contract.

When can a car be repossessed in Texas?

In most instances when you get behind on your payments. The exact details of when the lender will repossess the vehicle is listed in the contract you signed when you took out the loan on the vehicle. Read your contract with the lender.

What happens to payments made after a car is repossed?

Payments made after a car is repossessed will no longer be returned to the debtor. In fact, the lender can still require the debtor to pay the remaining balance of the loan.

Does the guarantor on a loan get a ccj if the debtor gets summoned to county court?

When debt issues get to the court as civil actions, the lender almost always includes everyone listed on the loan (including the guarantor) as a defendant in the case. If the lender wins, the judge will usually give the debtor some chance to pay the debt as a result of the judgment. If either (1) the judge does not believe that the debtor can pay or (2) the debtor does not pay after being guided to do so, then the guarantor will become liable for the debt and have a judgment lodged against them. The best way to avoid such action as a guarantor is to not let the debtor get to court in the first place and work with the lender to mitigate the potential credit damage to all parties to the loan.

If the debtor still owes the bank money on a car loan is there really anything the bank can do if the debtor has left the country for good?

You pose a lot of "IFs" that will be VERIFIED by the lender. "For good" is a looooong time.

Can a co borrower have their name removed from the loan?

Usually no. However, it might be worth contacting the lender to see.