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NOT unless they get a judgementand attach your returns.

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Q: Can a lender take your tax return until the debt is settled after you voluntarily surrender your car and you make payment arrangements with the them?
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Not if it's settled outside of court, no.

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No, you cannot qualify for unemployment for VOLUNTARILY leaving a full-time job.

Is it bad to settle an account with debt collector or should you pay in full?

Your question is vague. Paying in full is settling an account. If you are asking whether it is a good idea to make payment to the collector, it is fine as long as you keep all proof of payment and request a paid in full receipt when the account is settled. If you are asking if making arrangements to pay over time to the collector is a good idea, then only you can answer that with your knowledge of your personal financial situation. Refer to the previous scenario. If you are asking if it would be better to make payment to the original creditor, this is never a bad option unless you have had difficulty with the original creditor in the past. If this is the case, perhaps it would be best to pay the collector and allow them to mediate between you and the creditor.

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