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A lie detector cannot be used in court. On rare occasions it can be used as an investigation tool. Check with an attorney.

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Q: Can a lie detector be used in theft cases?
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What is polymorph used for?

Polymorph is used as a lie detector.

How much for a home lie detector test?

Lie detector machines are not given out randomly and you need the permission of the person you want to do the lie detector test on which you are not likely to get. Lie detector tests are not 100% accurate and cannot always be used in a court of law.

Would cops use a lie detector test for theft?

only if you stole the elephant from the museum may-be

When might a lie detector test be used?

A lie detector or polygraph test would be used during the interview process for a government job. This is used to create certainty in a subject. Another reason a lie detector or polygraph would be used is to established a person for top secret clearances.

What mothods were used to catch criminal in 1910?

Lie detector

How many variations is used in Lie Detector?


Where was the lie detector invented?

the lie detector was invented on augst 7 1885

Would cops use a Lie Detector Test on a 15 year old kid for theft?

Polygraphs are seldom if ever used on juveniles who are suspected of committing petty offenses.

Is a lie detector a polygraph test?

yes, a lie detector is a polygraph test. When you take the polygraph test, they use a lie detector to see if you are lying or not.

What is a lie detector used for?

Lie detectors are used in law and legal issues to try to determine if someone is telling the truth or not.

What TV series used the lie detector on the show?

There was a wellknown lawyer who played in a TV series that always used a lie detector in the courtroom. This is what I am trying to find out. Who was the lawyer? The series was in the 1970's.

How to make lie detector?

You can find a step by step guide on how to make lie detector on

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